Confinement my @r$e

Just back from getting a few things as I have doing every Wednesday and Sunday mornings since lockdown.
It’s business as normal out there it seems. The roads are almost as busy as normal with the shops allowed to open teeming with customers.
I assumed the confinement started next Monday but it’s already underway around these parts.
Since going out the two mornings per week for about an hour each time plus a couple of hospital visits in town plus my daily walks around the block, I have to report that I haven’t seen , let alone been asked to show papers by the police or gendarmes etc.
True enough that the Tarn has got off fairly lightly with covid which is good but there has been lacking any sense of urgency with the current situation.
I’m not criticising but showing my surprise at how the situation has been undertaken around here.
Saying that, social distancing has been generally respected but the boards of people at a garden centre this morning ( I went to the Mie Câline next door) was mind boggling without any attempt by the shop to restrict the numbers of clients trying to shop there.
Social distancing is difficult enough at times and even more tricky without any local policing by the commerces.
Rant over.

Lucky you.

I’ve not seen a single gendarme in the village, asking to see papers ; shops & folks in general have been respecting the distancing, though.
As you say, the Tarn has got off lightly, thus far.

I’ve only been food shopping once a week since this began so I’ve no idea about other shops but social distancing has been good. No police checks and actually not seen any police at all. There are a couple of families who have totally disregarded regs in our little hamlet and in a very obvious manner too. I hope Covid doesn’t come back and bite us in the …

Hi Bob, it has turned very quiet in the covid and A and E wards in the local hospital. A and E arrivals for things like cardiac problems are almost zero whist things like domestic accidents have rocketed in comparison. Things like garden implements and machines have been the main offenders.
My daughter in law, nurse in covid and A and E has been busy flitting between the two and that it was so quiet last Sunday afternoon that the staff watched a film !
That was welcome relief however after two months of non- stop action !

Towns might be busier but where live I can usually hear traffic on a pretty significant route that passes east- west on the other side of the river. The traffic noise is never bad but in the garden, especially with northerly winds it’s usually there. For weeks there has been silence and nothing has changed yet.

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I have been stopped by police four times to check my attestation on the way to the shops and once on way back from the vets. The gendarmes were adorable in their concern for my dog. People are observing social distancing and the shops don’t seem too busy. I am in Saone-et-Loire.

The last thing I saw was that on April 25th, the Tarn had its 18th death from covid
I have a friend who lives about 20km from me, just inside 34, who’s been stopped 4 times.

Here in the Morbihan it is noticeably quieter and the autoroutes are virtually unused other than by lorries. We have been respecting the lockdown… one hour walks, groceries via Carrefour or Intermarche drive and the odd trip to the hardware store. I have been stopped once myself and seen gendarmes checking on about five occassions.
Apparently, and I assume this can only be based on the number of fines issued per 1000 population or some such, we are the best behaved department. I would conclude either that we have a less zealous police force here or that we are indeed model citizens.

I’ve been impressed by how local people in this part of the Aveyron, who are normally fairly independent and very questioning of local and central gov, have been observing social distancing, wearing masks and queuing patiently. The only exceptions have been ados in elderly Renault Clios who drive through the village at 100kph+ because they’re not being slowed down by cars in front of them who are observing the 50kph speed limit

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All quiet down here Peter, we see few cars on the road for our daily (2km allez retour) constitutional. We’re off shopping tomorrow for the first time in three weeks. So excited :smiley:

Whereabouts were you stopped Marijke?

The gradual unofficial easing of le confinement has now become very obvious here in Brittany - as Peter observed traffic now seems back to normal (though there was never very much!) - all the cafes and restaurants are open as takeaways - many other shops like bricos and garden centres that closed completely initially have at least partially reopened already - and I haven’t seen a single gendarme anywhere for weeks (again, normal for us).

Hi Jane. I hope that you and Jim are keeping well. I was stopped in different places in Charolles. Best wishes, Marijke

Hi. Yes, that goes with what we heard last night. They are quite keen there.
We go to the Drive at Super U in St Bonnet and even though Jim has seen them, no one has asked him for his paperwork.
Stay well.
Have you got a new dog?

Super U in Saint Bonnet is great! Yes we have a new dog- Lexi. She is great too :smile:


The wouldn’t dare! :laughing:

I wasn’t with him!


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

My wife has been stopped once here in Lozere where there have been fewer than 50 cases and only two patients in intensive care. But I have been to Clermont Ferrand, 150+ km from home, twice for medical reasons and fully expected we would be stopped at some point. No sign of any checks though. But my taxi (VSL) driver said there are checks, particularly at motorway tolls and between here and Montpellier and I have seen the gendarmes and police municipale patrolling the streets of our local town. Neighbours say they have seen patrol cars and police motorcyclists checking out some neighbouring villages and the back roads. But every one seems to be sticking to the rules and the streets are empty. We’ll see what happens on Monday. Provided that the PM doesn’t tell us this afternoon that he’s changed his mind and we’ve all got to stay at home for another month!