Confirmed Britons will need a carte de sejour!

The interior Ministry has confirmed.

Link please Babs.

What all of them? :rofl:

sorry but I am technically useless Tim. It is on the front page of Connexion.
Aug edition.

Ah, so not official then.:wink:

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What is official!
Yes sounds official! Unless the connexion is printing material which is not true.

Certainly not The Connexion!

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Are you being funny?
Just for a change.

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Not at all, just because something appears in The Connexion doesn’t mean it’s official.

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Regardless of the reliability of the Connexion it seems only logical that Brits will need to apply for a CdS post Brexit unless the UK position shifts far enough to accept free movement.

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I agree Paul

This is an interesting site to wander through

The headline made it appear that this was a done deal.
If you go to the last paragraph you will see that this is still up for discussion.
I am not optimistic, but, from personal experience, they took the news of my win against the French health authorities and put their own spin on it.

I can well believe that UK folk residing in France will need to apply and get a CdS. While UK was part of the EU, this was not necessary
 our UK passport was considered enough
 it stood in place of a CdS 

After Brexit that passport will belong to a country outside the EU and thus will be worthless as a form of CdS in any EU country.


My wife and I submitted our applications for the Titre de SĂ©jour in early May, at the Manche PrĂ©fecture in St. Lo. We were nicely received but got no receipt nor yet any acknowledgement or response. We don’t have concerns as such. It seems likely that, while the details of Brexit are being thrashed out, or tickled out, the French administration is prudently in wait-and-see mode.

But it will be a relief when the 29th March arrives and we get to know our fate one way or another. If we live that long, that is. Many younger UK citizens resident in France have much more at stake than two knocking-on retirees have, and those with businesses here or children at school have our sympathies.

I don’t buy The Connexion so can’t read the article.

The whole ‘what’s going to happen to us?’ scenario is tedious IMO, as I understand it unless the UK ‘crashes out’ in March next year the transition period kicks-in and people will have until December 2020 to get a CDS (if needed). Hopefully the picture will become clearer in October when the EU/UK deal is supposed to be finalised.


Well bully for you Tim!
If you trust what is going on in UK politics then that is fine.
Always better to be that way I suppose but we all look at life in a different way.
I am not so good at taking chances.


I’m waiting for a RV (if poss) at the Prefecture in Vannes.

Many of us are in the last chapters of our lives and have invested so much in many ways to be here in France. So it is important to enjoy what we have established and feel contented and relaxed about how we will be respected as human beings.


Not sure the aggressive tone is really necessary Babs, I was merely stating my opinion which evidently differs from yours.

There are two sides in the negotiations and the EU has a big say in what happens regardless of the turmoil currently going on in Westminister. As others have posted here some RDV’s are post the UK leaving the EU which could be too late if the worst happens.

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For once I’m with Tim on this. Until the rules are set in concrete I am reluctant to join the stampede and head off to get a bit of paper that I don’t yet need. Whatever happens long term residents with a paper trail to prove their residency and income will be given time to get their paperwork up to date. I’ve got far more important things to worry about.