Confolens bypass

Hi all,

My husband And I were at a property viewing this week in Confolens and were advised that there are plans to re-route traffic (especially lorries) around the town centre. We were told that the road would link to other existing main links and prevent the need to cross through the town itself.

Apparently this will be happening early next year?

Is anyone local able to substantiate this, or to point me in the direction of where I can find the official plans please.

Many thanks :blush:

Have a word at the Mairie - they should be able to tell you what is planned.

Are you wondering if this might affect whatever property you have viewed??

Yes, good idea. It may influence whether we consider certain roads or not due to noise and ease of access to garage etc

Go and ask for the tracé de la rocade/du contournement.

Just taken a quick look via Google… and it would seem that there have been Traffic Plans floating about for several years.

I really would suggest you make indepth enquiries to find out just what (if anything) is actually going to be done - and the timescale - if you really do want to live in Confolens itself.

Take your time to find just the right place. There are so many properties for sale across France - one is almost spoilt for choice.

Yes, I just read a report of a town meeting from 2013 where the proposals were put forward. It seems that there were mixed feelings.

I’ll pop into the Mayors office next week and ask.

We have looked at other locations including Blond and Chabanais, and are trying to keep an open mind but Confolens seems to have tugged our heart strings!!

Confolens is ok Emma but have a look in St Junien just down the road, it’s a brill place to live and more handy for Limoges and airport etc. The mayor is very dynamic and gets things done for the inhabitants. Many of my friends around Confolens do their shopping in St Junien. Also Brigueuil is a mini Confolens and not bad . Chabanais is now much better since the bypass was built as will be Roumazières when their bypass is completed. Blond is ok too as is Oradour/Glane which has more services etc.
Rochechouart, just the other side of St Junien is a really nice place too with all the services. Loads going on there and I would put it before Confolens as a place to live. Well worth a visit before you make a final decision.

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Thanks Peter, we’ll certainly take a look…too much choice now!!