RSI, Caisse Assurance Maladie, RAM Gamex, Ursaaf, les impots, mutelle - just how many organisations does it take to sort out your revenu & healthcare entitlement?

On going home I was swamped with paperwork, 3 demands from RSI for my husband’s revenu in 2010 (which we’d already submitted on Net-entreprise quarterly), a couple of those dreaded little blue plastic packets from les impots - doesn’t your stomach always sink when you see those in your post box? thankfully this time weren’t that bad, letters from my laboratoire saying my mutelle did not recognise me, letters from my mutelle saying they had reaffirmed my attestation de sante - ok - more confusion why do you not recognise me when I am paying you 140 euro a month???

Letters from my insurance about a claim - they’re sending an expert…who wants a million bits of paperwork from me.

Letter from RSI/Ram Gamex saying they are re-lancing our demande for Carte Vitales (following my recent phone call) great news guys but now you’ve relanced it - what has happened? Nothing!

Well possibly not nothing.

Letter from Caisse d’assurance Maladie de Montpellier saying I’m not insured by them so they can’t issue a Carte Vitale - what the heck? How did they get involved? Did RSI ask them to issue it? What is going on? I’m so!

I called RSI today - they’re all on holiday. Well thanks a lot, my vacances would have been great if I hadn’t had all this stupid paperwork to sort out.

And even the cat is not safe - letters from my vet saying my cat’s vaccines are overdue so now we have to start all over again…

And onto the rat house, thankfully rat free this time but I had a letter saying from ERDF (electricite reseau de France) addressed to the predecesseors predecessor who may have died 10 years ago for all I know, saying they are cutting off the electricity because they have not been notified of the successors Electricity supplier -isn’t it EDF? Once again well that can wait - I don’t care if it has no electricity - given it’s completely unsafe anyway it’s probably best it is cut off.

So I’m off to do my scanning & photocopying now I’m back in London - it seemed such a waste of time to do all that in my lovely sunny village whilst on ‘holiday’ at home :slight_smile:

I hope this may help you. It is the telephone number of the English Speaking Help Line for the Caisse Maladie. Somehow or other they seem to get results more quickly than I could. My problem was that the CAM took the date of my adoption for the date of my birth. They tried to tell me that I didn’t know when I was born! When they realised that I was right, they said that would issue me my carte vitale as a matter of urgence, but it took longer to issue the one with the correct date than the first one.
I spoke to two young ladies on the line and they were both very helpful.
Here is the number.


Perhaps we could put this number in the “Important” file James?

oh I’m waiting for the ‘we dont have your birth certificates translated’ to come back up again no doubt - I wonder if there is a prize for waiting the longest time on record for your carte vitales? I’m currently on 20months anyone beat that?

Oh you do have my sympathy - it is a flipping nightmare n’est ce pas? I’ve currently got the RSI and URSSAF who are driving me demented wanting various bits of paperwork which they have already had / I don’t have etc. etc. etc.!!!

Susanne Thanks, you made me laugh (even though its a not a laughing matter). All these papers are really a pain