Conquering the WIPS

Here it be and I solemnly declare I will whip this WIP by the end of the month. It needs to be around 2 meters for voluptous wrapping. This is an old photo - I'm lacking around 40 cm. now. It's a great (free) pattern off Ravelry - the Palindrome Scarf - it's the same on both sides.

how long is it now?

Marianne, you can LEARN to knit, then you can start lots of projects and not finish them all and then look for group support to finish you see where this is going? The same plan would work with crochet, cross-stitch, sewing, etc.

Your scarf looks great Melissa! Makes me wish I could knit. M

Tee hee, the last scarf (another stitch pattern) I knitted was two meters long, and that really was the right length. Sorry the pic is so far down from the photo - I didn't hit any extra return keys in there. Maybe because I scaled the photo down in the post?