Consent for inclusion in "SFN Art Village Online" e-magazine

Please confirm your consent to have images of your artwork included in the forthcoming "SFN Art Village Online" e-magazine. Thank you.

I would be honored to be included. Thank you.


Yes please.

I consent also !

Absolutely, I consent! Thank you.

If you upload your work to the Art Department Gallery, I shall transfer it to a folder on the FaceBook Page

There you can make comments, even add URLs ( which are converted to hypertext links automatically )

Again, please be mindful that all the groups are housed on SFN, so linking back to here, or your profile, favoured groups etc. is much appreciated.

NB ArtDept FB admins are Ron Birks, Neil Whitehead, and Shiela.

Hi Shailiney,

I have just prepared a lengthy reply, but lost the text, So in short Sheila is the editor of Art Village online which has received 2246 views to date. The only caveat was that when using the link-back facility artists must link back to SFN, or indeed their SFN Profiles, from where they can promote their business/Blog/site.

Issue two is in the pipeline.

Consent granted, Rob Voge

Yes, I hope you include me!


its fine by me thanks.

Not sure if anyone has followed upon this suggestion, and I know SFN are consolidating, but I'd volunteer to run the group, Mr. Mainwaring.

Any Admins online?


Yes indeed Sheila that sounds like a nice idea,i suppose i should post some pics to begin with ...

me too, thanks. Lucinda

Art is the eye.......Photography is an art but not in the Art Department!

There could be a group called Photographic Art or Digital Art that would plug a gap - there is a strong thread in the Darkroom with HDR images and other experimental forms of photography. There is nothing covering starting out with a photographic image and turning it into one that replicates a natural painting style that obliterates the source image or replicates natural materials or a purely digital image using painting software such as David Hockney uses.

Neil, I think the discussion has started :slight_smile:

Even in the far antipodean out reaches like Australia, photography is taught as a fine art.

To suggest Photoshop filters can make a Photo look like a piece of ‘art’ - fascinating concept. Photographers have been using filters , exposure, depth of field, composition theories and the like to create artistic images since Adam shot Eve by the apple tree holding the Snake :slight_smile:

(Please take the tone and content here as friendly banter)

Again, nope, not here! As there is an already existing photography group, I decided that the Art Department should be cover the finer (!) part of the art spectrum-watercolour, oils, acrylics, pastels, pencil, etc, and sculpture. There is now a bit of a crossover with the iPad and I would included images made on this or with other painter software. Since the early days of Photoshop there have been filters available to change a photographic image into one that looks like it has been hand produced and they are getting more sophisticated (see previous posting) and we could start a discussion on this aspect of creativity if you have any examples.

That’s sounding like a very British response.

Photography is not art ?

Big question I know.

Happy travels.


Nope-paintings in any media and sculpture. SFN has the Darkroom Online photography group with various sections.

Is photography considered an art in this group?