Considering Relo to France with Mixed Breed Dog (Cat 1?)


UC Davies offers a DNA analysis for pets, this could get you some paperwork, which helps identifying the heritage of your dog. Other than that make sure you have the European chip in your dog. There is a difference between the US and European chip. Then get the official paperwork from USDA and a flight approved shipping container (cannot be open by the dog from inside). For the size to determined, the dog must be able to turn around in the kennel freely. This is a good investment, because you can use it in your new home as a place of comfort. Make sure your dog feels comfortable in it. Also pack some food for the dog to be fed after arrival. Should you encounter a diarrhea problem after arrival, children immodium helps in that case.

Help! I am trying to move to Marseille this December 2021 on a student visa. I have a psychiatric service dog (Louis) verified in the US. I trained him myself and I am not a professional dog trainer. He has a AKC certificate but he is not a registered pedigree because he is a rescue dog from a shelter. He has passed the PAT (Public Access Test) and I am hoping to get him certificates for Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog.

Even with all the proper documents, I am worried the vet at customs will misjudge his breed. He looks like he could be mixed with Terrier but his vet paperwork and AKC non-pedigree certificate say boxer and lab. Even my doctors note says he is a lab mix. It seems like it’s totally subjective upon arrival, tho! Does any of his documentation matter if the vet at customs can determine his breed a Cat 1 or Cat 2? Is it even worth the risk to take him?

@Spardo When the first two vets judged your dog, where they going to take him away from you? Would you and your dog be able to fly back home? What is the process of your dog is labeled Cat 1 or Cat 2? I am so worried they will take him from me and potentially euthanize him :frowning:

@Iffer Were you able to get your dog into the country?

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Did you have any luck? I am trying to take my dog by December this year.

Hello Kate, I think you may have got the wrong end of the stick about my encounters. In France, Category 1 dogs are within a laid down list of breeds of which Rottweilers are one. As my dog was listed in his passport, and so obviously by his appearance, a Rottie, there was no need to prove or otherwise his categorisation.

The law with such category dogs is that they must be assigned a Level of Dangerousness with Level 1 being the least dangerous and 4 the most. Such dogs need 3rd party insurance as they are not included in house insurance policies whereas uncategorised dogs are.

In order to determine this Level it is necessary to get a decision by one of the vets specifically licenced for this purpose. That was what I needed the 2 vets for, they had no powers to do anything other than give me their professional opinion. I only used the 2nd vet because I thought the first one had been grossly unfair. Sadly the 2nd one turned out to be a charlaton, saying one thing and doing another.

The only way it impacted me was that my insurance company refused him the insurance cover I needed to obtain a certificate from our Maire allowing me to keep him at my home. Without that certificate my dog would be in danger of destruction.

As I am resident in France and the vets concerned were reasonably local, there was no question of me ‘flying home’ or anywhere else.

I am not an expert on the laws regarding importation of Category dogs to France, but I would think that if you do not have a certified professional opinion of the breed of your dog, it would be unwise to risk bringing him if his appearance coincided in any way with that of banned or restricted breeds.

The whole thing fills me with anger, there is no such thing as a dangerous breed but, as long as idiots control the law regarding such things, I would not myself risk my dogs life on a chance.

As an aside, I have transported dozens of Dobermanns from Spain to France. The reason is that Spanish idiots disagree with French idiots and Dobies are only dangerous south of the border. I have never had to bring a Dobermann from Portugal however, because Portugal apparently agrees with France. :roll_eyes:

Thank you @Spardo !

I have paperwork that determines his breed as Boxador (boxer/lab). But he doesn’t have a pedigree because he is a rescue dog from a shelter. I am worried that means the papers are invalid. Where were you able to locate the vets in the US? I know he needs his international health certificate and pet passport. I am not sure if that is enough to prove his breed at customs. It sounds like the vet at customs trumps all decisions no matter what paperwork they make us get before getting into the country.

I appreciate the help!

I am sorry Kate, but either you are not reading my words or have mistakenly directed your question at me.

I live in France and have no connection of any kind with the US and there was no doubt about my dog’s breed, he was definitely a Rottweiler and therefore needed his character testing according to French law. He wasn’t going anywhere across any border so the opinion of any border staff did not come into the equation.

If you are still in the US, then contact UC Davies for a gen analysis to verify the heritage to make sure your dog does not have any problems!

Your dog needs also an European chip, because the US chip is not readable with European scanners. In the end USDA will get you the paperwork necessary besides the passport!

Dobermans are very loving Family dogs! However the French allow Fila Brasilero to be bred and sold and if you have that dog in the neighborhood, you better have high fences, because the bite from those dogs are very painful. If the owner is a lawyer no chance to get the dog put down!

The bite from any dog which does it in anger is very painful, and possibly fatal. I do not know what a Filo Brasilero is, presumably a large breed like the Dogue Argentino, but I do not waver from my own firm opinion that no dog is dangerous purely because of its breed. It all depends on the way it is brought up by humans and taught by them, apart of course, from the rare one which has a brain flaw just as there are humans like that too.