Construction on a building plot

I am looking at buying a plot of land that has been given permission to build on. this is a new step for me and I am seeking advice from any one that has built a house from scratch on land before.

if it gets to costly and there are too many hoops to jump through i may drop the plan and look at renovating a property instead, I have only a limited budget .

Simon, I have no personal experience but friends in our village did just that. They bought the land, hired a brilliant architect to draw up plans and submit them, the architect knew the area and what would/would not be permitted, the plans we're passed no problem. They got various quotes for the building work and choose a French company, as far as I remember, they took care of everything or correctly advised/helped when dealing with legalities. Like all new builds there were occasional glitches but nothing serious or costly! The house is lovely, exactly what they wanted and they have no problems, (as far as I know). From their experience I would advise that you start with a good architect and take time to find the right builders, all qualified and legal and look forward to a lovely modern home! Good luck