Consumer Unit/Fuse Board

Just finished hunting down a blown fuse which took out various lights and sockets in the house - prime suspect is the outside lights after last night’s storm. That’s not the main problem however: hunting down the correct cartridge fuse to replace was a bit of a nightmare. The wiring, although deemed safe, is a bit idiosyncratic with circuits added to each other in a fairly random way! (There is a circuit breaker across the whole supply, which sets my mind at rest.)
So I am going to number all the fuses and write which circuits they power on a corresponding chart in the electrics cupboard. I would like to do the job in French as well as English but I am unsure of the exact terms that a French sparky would use to describe eg a power circuit (sockets?) or lighting circuit- the names of the rooms I can probably do for myself! Does anyone know of a list I could refer to for these and other terms?
Many thanks in advance