Contacting Amazon

I hope somebody can help me?
I am having trouble getting into AF.
Having signed in with email or mobile number, the next step is asking for verification code sent to my mobile. The verification was done recently, when adding mobile number for extra security.
All the help advice they give cannot be accessed unless signed in! I am getting messages that somebody is trying to sign into me account so sent me a link to change my password, guess what, yep I need to be signed in.

It’s not terribly clear to me from your post what the problem is. Why can’t you log in, exactly? You say they are asking for a verification code, that is normal. Where is the issue, are they not sending a verification code to your mobile, or are you not receiving it, or is it not working?

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The verification step is showing the last digits of my mobile, but there is no link to have a code sent /resend. I have only recently added this option, do amazon asking for a code on each sign in or just randomly?

I think randomly but I couldn’t say for sure because I stay signed in from one visit to the next so I very rarely actually go through the signing in process. Sorry.

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There’s a box you can tick when you enter the verification code to prevent further verification on the browser you are logging in on, on the machine you are using. Obviously, if you are using a several of browsers and/or several machines you’ll have to go through verification for each one. Amazon also get worried if you change country (or use a VPN) and will ask for verification again.


I don’t think she is receiving a verification code, so she won’t get to the stage of entering it?

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Hi Fran. I think I’ve had the situation where sometimes sends a message telling me that someone is attempting to connect to my account. They guess it’s from Paris usually, and they ask if that is OK. But the location is always completely wrong. If you just tried to log in then it’s most likely to be you they are referring to. So you click to accept that it’s OK and go on from there…


The mis-location issue could be down to the ISP you’re using.

When I have to log into iCloud from a different device, I’m always shown as being in Paris.


Orange is typical for displaying a main city hub as the originating public IP address, even if you live in the sticks. This has certain advantages with regards to tracing, but some online services Amazon, Apple, even Google occasionally, think that your account is being compromised and will block access until 2FA has been satisfied.


Browser cache issues? Have you shut down the browser completely (kill the process if necessary via the system monitor utility) and then try logging in again.
I have encountered this problem, but unfortunately don’t remember how I solved it, or if it just resolved itself.

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Their messages indicate details of my area, but they want to know if its not me rather than click to accept it is me!

They do add a ISP which indicates proximity of my area.

I wish I could get to that option!

I have tried this, but will keep trying!
Amazon need me to change my password, because of all the attempts to sign in! Code received and entered (for the third time) then they want verification of my mobile…again. Can anybody see where I would apply the code?
Pour votre sécurité, validez la notification envoyée à :

Numéro de téléphone portable


[Avez-vous besoin d’aide ?](javascript:void(0))

Les notifications peuvent prendre une minute pour vous parvenir. Si vous ne l’avez pas encore reçue, nous pouvons la renvoyer.

Notification envoyée. Si nécessaire, vous pourrez demander une nouvelle notification dans 100 secondes.

Sorry that did not show as copied.

Just to be totally clear, you are saying that the mobile number they have for you is correct (they have the correct country code and everything), and your phone is switched on, and you are not receiving any SMS?

Yes to all, but I am receiving SMS’s from Amazon.

I don’t want to open a can of worms, but I am seriously ‘deleting’ my account and start anew :thinking:

I had exactly the symptoms you are reporting, and got equally as frustrated. I wish I could remember how I solved it, but it didn’t involve deleting the account. Try a different browser maybe?

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