Content guidelines - what you can & can't say on SFN and why

SFN provides a free platform for members and visitors funded by advertising. So there have to be some restrictions on commercial promotion which enable us to develop both a good relationship with our advertisers and to keep the site spam free.

You wouldn’t expect to wander into someone’s shop and set up your own stall in the corner and you can’t do it on SFN! Obviously we don’t want to stifle posts that contain genuinely helpful advice of interest to members either, so to keep the community running smoothly we've produced some guidelines.

1. If you’re promoting something in which you have a vested interest, then you need to pay. If you don’t want to pay then don’t post! A vested interest is something from which you stand to gain.

2. If you’re offering information, it’s free. If you’re offering a service you pay.

Catharine's recent pillow post provides a good example. She asked for advice about which pillows to buy. If you happen to be a pillow maker and you reply telling me that you make “SleepHappy”, the best pillows in the world, then that would be seen as a plug for your own business. But if you are Joe Bloggs and post a recommendation for “SleepHappy” pillows, then that is absolutely OK as it is information.

There are always going to be a few grey areas between information and advertising and we will always try to be sensible and flexible about this. In return, please don’t abuse our goodwill and spoil things for the community as a whole.



Hi James,

What is the best way for me to let people know I'll be taking Travel Sketching Classes while I'm in Trausse Minervois for 3 months. June July and August this year. Happy to pay of course.

Cheers Erin