Continue to swing some more lead


My mother worked in an aircraft factory building Lancaster wings. I was born July 1941. My mother returned to work after placing me in a Nursery very shortly after.

Compere that to the latest female report of pregnancy and almost immediate hospitalisation at public expense. I do not know if a sick note was required.

Swinging the lead or what.

Diana was always barfing. So nothing new there then!

Gary! Oi Gal sounds great at polo matches, gives them something of the bootifful game...

My money is on "Dakota" - to be yelled "Dakkkoooaaaa" when dahn the park.

Well put Cate, I'm pro-royalist and think it is a lovely story and it's a shame people are being harsh about someone being so ill.

I'll change my mind if they call the poor kid Chardonay though!

Ha ha Ernest - if you want to carry on playing the game, we would like to see who we are playing with. Stick a piccie up, like the rest of us, you're obviously not shy.

To add fuel to the fire(and I thought this was fun) which vet let this breeder of royal offspring past the medical? I wonder if they will ask for a refund.

Cate, I think a fair bit of the background is the BOYS at the press who make 99% of all decisions and stories trying to win back a bit of sympathy after Leveson by headlining this. They omitted to give a full story immediately and I am absolutely certain that had it been reported by women the story would have been immediately clarified. But that is the press for you.

The royals actually have a generous public purse allocation if you look Cate. I object to that. In this day and age immensely rich people can afford private treatment without the public's funding to look after them.

That made me laugh Suzanne, right of to get dressed before the kids wreck the house. Getting to like Wednesdays for my midweek lie in:-)

ROFL, mind you the loss of benefits might sting...

I must admit I am a bit angry anyway, having read what Anne Clwyd is saying about the way her husband was treated (or not treated, as the case may be) as he died, and especially during his final 24 hours, of hospital contracted pneumonia in Cardiff's flagship hospital. If somebody like him who is from an already privileged social group, then the treatment of royals can raise hackles. But yes, probably the broader argument belongs elsewhere. I find, as you are saying, that here in France in general treats us all the same and does so very well at that.

It has been suggested she got pregnant to get a bigger council house?

but shes not true blood royal, only married therefore she is really ill.

I know I am as valuable as her and flattered you agree:-)

I also had an emergency during pregnancy and at 20wks my gynae had me a next day appointment with a private ante natal kidney specialist at Grenoble CHU, so in France we do get treated like royalty. Seem to think that ties in nicely with the healthcare discussion going on somewhere on here.

Royals don't just vomit due to morning sickness, that's too common; they mùst have HG by birth right

I'll climb down on the HG, but at first the media gave none of that away, so naturally she or any other woman should be hospitalised.

Otherwise, I believe the royals should be gone by this day and age and the privilege that puts them above normal mortals, women in this case, ended. You, Tracy, are as valuable a human being as any Kate, you deserve equal treatment.

I've known someone with severe HG - they were actually expecting twins and lost one of them during the intense morning sickness. They were sick not just in the morning but all day. They were desperately ill and were admitted to hospital just like Kate. The morning sickness lasted the whole pregnancy. If you have never known someone experience this type of sickness where you can't keep liquid down and are constantly sick and feel like the room is spinning and moving, when all you want to do is curl up and go to sleep but you can't, at the same time worrying about the health and impact of this constant sickness on the developing baby inside, then I don't see how you can comment on someone's very unfortunate medical condition.

Where is your compassion?

Blimey Catharine, I'm glad mine both turned up early. I wasn't sick, not even once but as I have a pathological fear of vomiting, I can't think of anything worse. Papa has to do sick duty in our house, for the kids and the cats:-)

I had 3rd trimester morning sickness with no 2 and it was evil. Nothing like being 42 weeks pregnant and still being sick!

Now, who's being an 'umbug Brian! If she genuinely suffering from HG, then she is dangerously ill as the condition means that no nutrition, whatsoever, is staying in the body.