Contribute or not?

Weather is warming up nicely in Languedoc... summer's on its way... I feel the not too distant call of the beach urging me to take a nice sunny morning walk along it... followed by a big hot milky coffee at the nearest cafe.

Conclusion: worry about it all tomorrow (or next autumn)... life's too short!

News to me, I've been an ae since 01/01/2014 and no demand for pension contributions. We haven't earnt enough to pay income tax yet perhaps thats why

A bit of research so far suggests voluntary class 2 contributions to HMRC for my wife are worthwhile.

But I am concerned that I might suddenly get a whacking bill for unpaid french contributions.

Patrick, the % of turnover you pay to the URSSAF includes pension ;-)

Le forfait social comprend :
- la cotisation d’assurance maladie-maternité et la
cotisation supplémentaire d’indemnités journalières ;
- la cotisation d’allocations familiales ;
- la cotisation d’assurance vieillesse du régime de base ;
- la contribution sociale généralisée (CSG) ;
- la contribution au remboursement de la dette sociale
(CRDS) ;
- la cotisation au titre de la retraite complémentaire
obligatoire ;
- la cotisation au régime d’invalidité et de décès.

Very informative, though I have paid 25.15% cotisations this year and afaicr the same last year, for services as prof liberale. And that on-line so no error on my part. Accordning to that ref it should be 23.1 afaics so not sure how accurate it is.

Buyt its been that percentage every trimestre whatever the amount seeming with no relation to those thresholds, I'm way under any of the trimestre thresholds but my wife declared a bit over in each one last year. So from what Andrew quoted, I will get no qualifying trilemestres and my wife will. SO I won't get CIPAV knocking on my door for 8.23% of the total or of the amount over the threshold?

I recently received validation of the 7 years I worked in the UK.

I was often told that we need at least ten years' contributions.

I have lived and worked in France since July 1978.

If you contact these people, they'll send you a form to fill in and return to them.

They will then contact the French pension scheme and the liaison will be created, and you'll get a pension.

Newcastle Pension Centre,

The Pension Service 11,

Mail Handling Site A,

Contact Centre,

Wolverhampton WV98 1LW England

email :

website :

phone : (00 44) (0)191 21 87777 Opening hours : 8am till 6pm

Fax : (00 44) (0)191 21 83326

I reach 65 in July and have 30 years contribution, the max under rules that chaned on 6th April. However I will not be entitled to the new £155 pw pension because I was contracted of full NI contributions due to a work place pension. I have been given conflicting advice by the Gov. Pensions people. The latest given 2 weeks ago which I believe was to do nothing at the moment and cetainly not to claim my pension as it stands. They said to contact them again at the end of April when they themselves will have a better understanding of what is going on. For example It may be possible and advisable to make up a shortfall in contributions to meet the new 35 year requirement, but they don't know that yet!

Not sure if it's relevant, we are British but, never worked in the UK, but wanted to be in receipt of a UK State Pension as we were advised we would then be legible for healthcare in France when/ if we reach pensionable age. So we pay voluntary contributions every month and have done for the last ten years. But I understand it only needs one partner to reach UK pensionable age for the other to qualify for state healthcare in France, so maybe your wife doesn't need to.

Pat, my wife is in a similar position and we make Class 3 AVCs which will generate a decent pension for her - but she only has a few more years to reach her maximum contributions, recently extended of course due to the change in the regs in the UK.

My advice is to keep on paying if affordable of course as it does give a very good return on your investment and at present it is "inflation" linked though whether that will continue if we leave the EU is another matter of course.

I am over pension age and applied for my carte vitale in october (still waiting) and asked for my husband to be added as my dependasnt as he is just under retirement age but have been told that this is not an available option any more so check that out carefully.

Yes in or out eh? But the issue of pensions is not an EU thing its a different agreement which is to do with the European Economic Area.

  • No one seems to have answered the question put in the original post. I looked at this a year or so ago and concluded it was a bad deal. The cost of the top ups is quite high and even though yields on alternative investments are not good at the moment these may improve and the benefit of the top up is fixed - always assuming that the rules are not changed by GO's next assault on pensions.

I can conclude now that:

Since she will only need to pay class 2 voluntary contributions about £2.38 a week for the next 25 years to qualify for a full pension... we have strated the process with HMRC

Since it seems she is paying pension contributions anyway even 1400€ pa pension (at her current income) is a gift since she has to pay anyway.

And I wonder why even though I am paying via y social contributuions, because I don't reach the trimestrielle thresholds none of it counts and I will get no french pension at all. Robbing the poor to pay the less poor?

Sorry, don't know if this has already been done but I received a letter from the Pensions people in the UK explaining the new system.

It can be found on -

You can work out your pension by multiplying the number of contributing years by the current coefficient which is £4.45. Sounds easy to work out which is a refreshing change...