Control technique failure

I have an ancient car whose CT runs out 12 January and will not pass in future. I want to scrap it but it is in the name of both my wife and I and she has just died. The form for scrapping needs to be signed by both owners. What do I do? Can I simply keep it off road until I can get the carte gris changed? And how do I do that? If it is off road do I have to pay the full insurance cover on it?

For as long as you have the car… it should be insured. If you store it in a barn (for example) you should still have the very minimum insurance…

Whatever/wherever, … “eg: just in case it explodes , or someone bumps into it … or maybe someone injures themselves trying to steal it even…” that was how it was explained to me many years ago. It’s not expensive and worth it for peace of mind… and it is a legal requirement…" garantie responsibilité civile" or somesuch…

Your Insurance person will sort it out for you… :relaxed::relaxed:

the Carte Gris is normally in one name only for the !st / principal driver…

Condolences on your wife’s death, first of all. You can scrap it as long as you sign the form and add a photocopy of the certificat de décès.

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Sorry for your loss mate.

My garagiste put me on to a breaker who bought it on the strength of one signature. Alls well that ends well!