Control Technique woes

Hi everyone
I have a car which has recently failed a CT for a fault which passed the 2 previous CTs i.e Diagonistic Embarque (OBD). It’s a known fault in my car and Ford in UK used to ignore it.

However, the 2 months grace period ends at the end of this week.

My question is, do I have to take it back to the same CT place or can I go to another and hope that they don’t fail and pass it. Or as it already on system and whether one CT inspector failing it means it must be rectified no matter the judgement of another CT inspector?

If it helps came up as as problem before but not a fail while is a fail (according to latest CT inspector)


I’m fairly certain that your vehicle will be in the system now…everyone is computerised… makes good sense.

You have until the end of this week to get the matter sorted…so why not try another CT Examiner if you dislike the one you saw nearly 2 months ago… :zipper_mouth_face: you’ll soon find out whether they can re-test it… or if you have to return to the original tester… but be quick… or you will find your car will fall into the illegal situation … :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Surely the codes that you have given are different so the car has failed this time because the fault is different. You’ve said that Ford in the UK ignored the original fault code, what does Ford France say about the new one?

The one that passed is: diagnostic light on. (Should be off)

The one that failed is diagnostic light malfunction (should be off)
Fault is the same as it’s just a visual check.

Basically, I was unlucky. Had the car since 2006 and passed 7 MOTs and 2 CTs with light being on each time.

Interpretation is different IMO.

Ford Garage diagnosed several faults (surprise, surprise). 1 being replacing the light. :slight_smile:

Whatever happens this time you will definitely fail a post May 2018 CT with that fault. Why not just get it put right?

1700 euros according to Ford. For a 2003 reg car?

Don’t think so.

I’m going to chance with another CT centre and it’ll do for 2 more years if passes.

If not, flog it in UK as right-hand drive.

Cheers for advice. :slight_smile:

Mmm… … if it is a “known” fault surely Ford could have arranged to get it sorted… at least at a reduced cost… :zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face:

Unless the rules have changed you can have the retest in any CT centre.

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Ok, thanks.

If not, flog it in UK as right-hand drive.

Is it uk registered then? You might struggle To sell it in the uk if it’s French registered without a valid CT.

It’s French reg now. It’s an ST170 which has a fan club so I’ll get something for it. Got every bit of paperwork. :slight_smile:

Great car to drive.

You don’t have to go to Ford. I had an airbag light problem in my Saxo and I took it to a place that specialises in car electronics and he quoted under 200€ to fix it. As it happens I didn’t have it done because the CT station said that the bodywork wouldn’t pass another test without a lot of work. So like you say, I decided to settle for another 2 years and then replace.

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@Gary_Walton This is where I went
though it’s probably not convenient for you, I don’t know where you are.

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