Controle technique during virus shutdown

HI all can anyone tell me the what to do about the C/T for my car which is due mid May thank you in advance

I’ve moved your query to the Coronavirus category…

It is quite possible you will find an answer there… if not, someone will chime in…

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Thank you, Stella and David
Just got a letter saying it must be done by May 11 so they must be reopening the test sites??

My local CT station is open but has far fewer appointment times available than before. I just checked online and here there would be no problem arranging a visit before May 11th.

Is the CT back to normal now, ie no extension period? Mine’s due at the beginning of September; if I get it done earlier, does the new one start when the old one expires, or does it start from the test date?

CT’s are back to normal… I believe your CT will be dated from the Test Date itself… which would make sense… on that particular date your vehicle produced xxx yyy results…

why not contact your local Test Centre… they will be masked up and doing everything properly…

Yup- OH getting ours done tomorrow afternoon.