Contrôle Technique

We are returning to the Languedoc-Roussillon after a 10 months' house sit in Australia. Our car's Contrôle Technique has expired during our stay overseas. No-one has access to the car during our absence. What is the best way to go about having it roadworthy as soon as we arrive, knowing that it is illegal to have this car on the road without it? Thanks for all suggestions.

Thanks for your input Carol :-)

I was told a couple of years ago, its ok for the car to be driven without a CT if you are on your way to get one and have the CT booked. Same as in the UK....mine ran out in the UK whilst I was in France...but I was allowed to drive it to the MOT centre.

Thanks Peter. Will take your advice - John

Definitely the best way to go with the car having been unused for the best part of a year. Strange things do happen to cars whilst they're just sitting.

As for not having the CT for a short period, I don't think many residents would worry about this unduly if their main use of the car is just pottering about. Of course you need to get it done without undue delay, but I wouldn't get too uptight about it. All the same, depending on your garage, the biggest delay might be getting a rendezvous there, so it could be worth doing this in advance.

Thanks Sarah. Might be wise to do that too.

Garages will often do a pre-CT check-up and organise the CT too. If you think your car could do with a little revision, then that would be one way of doing it. Tell them you are coming in for the CT check-up and want them to set up the CT too. They'll be happy to do that.

That was quick! Thanks Wendy, I guess that you don't want to be pulled over unless you are on the shortest route to the CT, and on the date of your rdv - Thanks again!

We just did ours and booked the ct over the internet. I would think that if you did that and printed out your rdv to have when you are enroute at least you can prove that's what you are doing.....