Controle technique


i have a freelander landrover (2002 ) and I would like to get french plates- so I have to have a controle technique- what should I expect do you think? expect to be ripped off or be pleasantly surrpised by the

non sexist approach of the French garage fraternity?
any comments welcomed!

gillan player

Augh Gillian - the wee guys in the garage were just lovely when I took our Passat down- not sexist at all! we did have to change the headlights but then I think we found out that there was a switch we could have used on the old ones so just check that out. your cert of conformity is the main doc and then a good sense of humour -maybe that comes first lol

Don't worry about it at all. The test looks for things in the same way they do in UK but they are a lot less strict. One reason is that the test centres are just that, test centres not garages so they are not tempted to find faults in the hope you leave it there for repairs. A much better system in my view.

I’ve taken 2 fairly new cars for CTs and they sailed through, a 16 year old 405 Estate got failed for a bearing and a brake fluid leak but I got those fixed and it got through on the contre-visite.

I think it depends on the center you go to. Our local guy is very friendly since I gave him a copy of a Ry Cooder CD he found in my car and played whilst he did the test.

We've done a few CTs now, they take it in, have a look against a check list, appear not look under things generally other than what they can see from underneath when it is on the raised ramp. I have seen so many cars I thought would barely make it to the breaker's yard go in and come back out passed that I am basically past caring. They are hot on tyres, windscreen wipers and brakes but other than that the car I brought from the UK that did a CT when we were first here all but fell apart within a month of being passed!