Converting an ABS

Good afternoon on looking through previous posts it seems my motorbike will need converting currently working out to 127 BHP if decide to bring it from UK . That said i guess that I will have also have to go through all the motions of going via ANTS , COC, etc as well ? Can anyone give an idea of customs cost on an 8 yrs old bike owned for 6 yrs. Also conversion has not got ABS thanks all

What make and which model.? Yes you will have to go through ANTS, COC probably isnt available but then a trip to the local bike shop will be necessary in lieu of, Possibly a trip to DREAL will be involved. Retro fitting of ABS is probably not possible and in any case probably not worth the cost or effort. I would be looking at restrictor plates and a trip to a dyno shop.

Thanks for the feedback