Coolest flight attendant?

great x

Gotta love that Southwest…used to fly that airline between San Diego & Vegas! Always put a smile on my face.

Wow - Excellent.

C'mon JB - live a little. Surely after a long day at work you could spare 2 mins and 22 seconds to smile, before you settle down to read your book!!

Seen that one before, he's brilliant.....shame they don't do that on Ryanair ;)

Love it!

Smashing, we did enjoy this clip. Don't know how you find them James!!

And wow you could smoke!

Excellent! Bet flyers don't forget SW Airlines in a hurry!

Yes, me too. Many years ago on a BA flight a short, black, gay steward wrapped a cloth round his head turban style, borrowed a pair of big earrings from a passenger and walked down the aisle singing 'Diamonds are Forever'. He really did sound like Shirley Bassey.

Cor, after half a century of boring ones how can I get a flight with this cool dude?


Brilliant. I love him.

Wow! Great!