COP26 shock.... 😱

Polish thermal insulation is revealed to be a load of Bolix.


A tired and dated question now, no doubt, but why not make energy saving insulation from plastic waste?

The UK apparently ship tons of the stuff abroad, well described here!

Come on Boris!

Some is turned into faux leather for car interiors and sofas.
But yes I agree less itchy than glass fibre and doesn’t like water unlike glass fibre which colapses over a few years.

Gov t%&##*! Say its difficult as the packaging industry is a another party doner. Simply make 1 type of plastic one colour and a different plastic a different colour then they can be sorted at very high speed for reprocessing. Where it cannot be substituted.

Where I was working they got rid of plastic cups yeh! And replaced with plasticised paper that cannot be recycled AFAIK. Mentioned this in the meeting and the millennials just couldn’t compute they had made the situation worse! I had to get a printed statement from our waste recycling company to prove this and it took ages to get the decision reversed. Ego again and an inability of the perpetrator to admit they made a mistake.

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