Corgi puppies playing with dragonflys. The video needs to be edited but it will give you an idea of the fun they have

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(Gina Hams) #2

Hi Rick Are you on the photo group? I am sure they would like your pictures. I am a member of that group simply because like you I enjoy images. Would be interesting to see how you tackle things like Cactus. G.

PS Any new pics of the dogs you get send them here. Poste haste.. Regards G.

(richard smith) #3

I like your video. the pups are cute.

I don't have any new dog photos. My recent photos are of the cactus and other plants at our local Desert Botanical Gardens.


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I had to write on here today - because last night I watched a repeat of "Born and Bred" - don't normally watch much tele but I love this and others like it because they remind me of my youth. The chap that runs the station had his fortune read and was told he had a Rajah loop which meant he had blue blood. And his reply was that he knew that he had always had an infinity with corgis. His expression was priceless.

How are all your lovely blue bloods do you have anymore pics for us? G.

(richard smith) #5

Thank you. I tried to do that but couldn’t get it to work. Must have been doing something wrong.

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Here you go Richard I have embedded it so that it can be viewed on here. G.