Cornwall says crops ‘rotting in fields’ due to Brexit labour shortage

Doesn’t matter, as long as we are ‘take back control’. :slight_smile: Does not matter if crops are rotting and businesses will go bust because they can’t harvest the crops or pay any higher wages, to attract the ‘locals’.

All the local unemployed according to the Britexit ‘experts’ we rush to fill these jobs…

More seriously, this is just the start of the UK’s problems. Good luck to Logistics, Retail, Health Services and Finance.

Also, best of luck keeping those tax receipts coming in to pay for our unbalanced UK economy. The Autumn Budget will be a “barrel full of laughs” with the OBR going to paint a depressing future for this mess we are in. But hey, the OBR are ‘experts’ and we know how they are treated by some of our press…


Cornwall has huge unemployment problems, especially at this time of year. As a county they voted heavily for leave but obviously they’re not so keen at taking back control if it means doing a bit of work and getting their hands dirty.
On the other side of the UK in East Anglia farmers were paying about double minimum wage to get the quality workers they needed and guess what, they weren’t employing many locals because the locals were not interested.


In today’s paper, just to confirm what David & myself are saying;

“EU citizens make up a quarter of the 3 million workers in hospitality, according to a report by professional services firm KPMG. That includes 75% of waiting staff and 25% of chefs. As the clock ticks down to Britain’s departure from the EU, senior figures in Britain’s hospitality sector are warning that staff shortages brought about by an exodus of European workers, and a dearth of new arrivals post-Brexit, is a crisis in the making for an industry that is Britain’s fourth-biggest employer.”


What a contrast to a news item I read yesterday about Denmark. They are inviting UK citizens to go there in significant numbers with many skilled and unskilled jobs already waiting for them. They want to welcome Brits who wish to remain EU citizens and if I was younger, I would have certainly considered it.
Mrs May’s vision of britain is deeply concerning; rather than ‘take back control’ she has lost it big time with her weak and wobbly administration. I think the next to go will be the blundering buffoon Boris. What a cretin that prat is.
Still, you brits can always look on the bright side of life with Iain Dunking-Donut and Jacobite Rees-Moggy running matters… will the last person to leave please switch the lights out?
Ah, there’s probably no need… the electric has gone off anyway as there is nobody left to man the power stations…


I would just like to say that Denmark is a lovely place and the people are very welcoming. OH worked for a Danish company when we first married… and I worked for another Danish company some years later…so we have first-hand experience of the way they look after their employees… excellent !


Lincolnshire and the fen area around Cambridge also voted leave and they have the same situation there.
When I was young I loved going to the Polish shop just outside Lancaster market, it was full of wonderful and strange food.
A treasure of delights when we knew what was for lunch by the day of the week!

good bacon…

lots of goodies… including alcoholic products… hic…

Lancaster , Lancashire?