Coronavirus - Creches, schools and universities to close from Monday until further notice

Elections to go ahead, but with strict precautions…

Bring your own pen, apparently

You should see what our commune is putting in place… :zipper_mouth_face:

I’ve volunteered to hose everyone down with disinfectant :wink:

I’ll probably only find out Sunday morning…

Just taken a look at our SdF… it is like a mock-up of a battlefield …tables forming a corridor to stop folk straying… with large arrows… and red/white tape all over the place and clear signs saying “go-here/keep distance/no-go”… etc etc…

should be interesting come Sunday… :roll_eyes: I shall be keeping my head down

Was not thrilled this morning when the chronopost (young) woman coughed right next to me as she handed me a parcel and made no attempt to turn away or cover her mouth! If I get Corono, I know who I’ll be blaming!!! Or perhaps it will be chronovirus! :grin:

Looks like it could be

That’s going too mean allot of parents are going too struggle