Coronavirus financial help for a micro-enterprise

Could anyone please point me in the direction of what financial assistance is available to a micro entreprise whose earnings are only impacted from May (and onwards, if lockdown continues?) income for March and April remained the same as 2019 but from May onwards, income will plummet to zero due to being unable to take on any new work. Thank you

Iona… please amend your Registration.

Full Name is required as per our T&C’s

if you are not sure how to do this,simply put your First and Last Name here on this therad andI will amend it for you…

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Supposedly help will be available for lost income in May but information on that hasn’t been published as yet. In case the OP wasn’t aware the criteria for getting a grant for April’s lost income differed slightly to that for March’s, you have the choice of either comparative loss (Mar’19/Mar’20) or as a monthly average of your income for 2019.


As you have said… you live in UK and have your French property rented out through a Rental Agency… is that what you are referring to as Micro Enterprise ?? yours or theirs ??

Thank you Stella, it’s Iona Connor.

Yes I use an agency to let my property, I myself am registered as a micro entreprise for my rental income.

You might find that that is classed as Louer Meublée Non Professional, and you will be not be eligible for any financial support. You may declare your income as a micro-bic, but do you have a SIRET/SIREN number and pay monthly cotisations ?

We live here, and have a gîte and a rental apartment plus siret/siren and an Société de Fait business, and are entitled to diddly squat. They have to draw the line somewhere I guess.

Thanks for your input. I can’t believe you’re not entitled to anything. I’m guessing it comes down to official designation of the business?
Yes I have a SIRET/SIREN number, I pay monthly cotisations. Thé official guidance says micro entreprises are eligible so I guess I just wait for the announcement of what they will offer for May, if anything

are you working in the UK…??

No, I’m a stay at home mum to 5 children. My mortgage in France still needs to be paid. Is anyone else here a micro entreprise and able to get assistance?

If you pay cotisations they you should be eligible! Look at link, and wait till info about May is published.

(We aren’t because OH has state pension, so has another income)

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Are you co-joint owners Jane?


Bugger, seems a bit unfair.

Yes, but thank you for realising it’s a bugger…

We’re in exactly the same situation. I started taking my occupational pension late last year. Micro BIC, SIRET/SIREN, 2 gites louer meubles non professional and entitled to exactly zilch

That’s terrible. Do you know the reason why you’re not entitled to anything? Is is because of the pension income, or because you’ve a micro BIC?

I really hope they find a solution for the many people who seem to be falling through the gaps of the assistance packages…

It seems hugely unfair… perhaps everything g is hanging on the designation of the business registration…

Yes it is.

“”" My mortgage in France still needs to be paid. “”"

If you check the website of the Mortgage company… you will probably/hopefully find some comforting news… :relaxed:

Thanks for all your input everyone. I’ve made the application, it allowed me to successfully make it giving SIRET number. I guess I just wait and see now if they replace the lost income (based on last years earnings). How long did it take for everyone to hear back, or receive payment?