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Keep calm… keep safe…

I wonder if many of the ICUs in France are were already running at 100% beds occupied in France like here in the UK. Somehow I doubt it. What does it take for a government to prepare for a novel virus? We’ve already had a couple of close shaves. We in the UK will pay the price of NHS underfunding for a decade and still the people will love their Boris and the tories or maybe it will take Covid19 to bring them to their senses.

I propose we send busty Nurse Nadine to the White House to give Orange Donald his nightly bedtime enema, while her Mum recuperates in Maro Lago surrounded by Florida’s finest blue-rinse Mothers and their MAGA consorts. :hugs:

Just watched - crèches schools lycées and universities all shut, from Monday until further notice

Here too, rushed back from work just in time and now have two monsters who are jumping for joy here, and another headache for us to sort out! Just wondering how long I’ll be getting deliveries in the shop and when we’ll have to close too :open_mouth:

Children and young people are the least to suffer, but are the most efficient spreaders.
Shopping for essentials shouldn’t be a big risk, but I wonder what will happen when parents, now caring for out of school children, have to take them along when they go to the supermarkets?

If there are 2 parents only one need go. Children over about 8 can be left at home by themselves for up to an hour. Or if they have to go along they can stay in the car.

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I will refer irresponsible parents and their feral offspring to you then!


Schools are closed but Disneyland Paris remains open, interesting.

The Parc will be closed from Sunday 15th to the end of the month at least…

The official Disneyland Paris website has no mention of this at the moment, nice.

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Just as well we read the News…

Exactly, the website actually says it’s still open for business which of course it is today.

Given the reliability of the news organisations I wonder which is accurate? Other news sources only talk about the US parks closing. Does the south west paper have extra good sources or just extra sloppy journalism?

This is what disney paris says

Mesures exceptionnelles - Changements temporaires des experiences et opérations

Disneyland Paris est ouvert et accueille tous les visiteurs. Nous sommes en contact permanent avec les autorités françaises, et en conformité avec [leurs instructions, nous avons temporairement aménagé certaines de nos expériences et opérations.

Les changements, dont vous pouvez découvrir le détail ci-dessous, sont temporaires et interviendront dès jeudi 12 mars 2020 et ce jusqu’au 15 avril 2020.

The official Disney announcement covers the closure of all parks in the US and DLP, however the hotels attached to the parks and the Disney shopping villages will remain open which to me is bonkers.

We are due to visit DLP in the middle of May and are weighing up whether to change this to later in the year.

Naturally, Sud Ouest knows what it is talking about… :hugs: