Coronavirus- Updated: declared Global Health Emergency

Link to Reuters article:

From the Daily Express:

Don’t panic. It’s another thing that’s being hyped up by the media

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Yes, and no. If you happen to be over 60 and with a compromised immune system and live in, or plan to travel to, a major city with international links, then I would be worried. Otherwise I wouldn’t be.

Plus without turning it into a conspiracy theory, it does seem as if China have not quite told the whole truth and that it has and is spreading more quickly than anticipated.

I think, in the circumstances, “the whole truth” is something that is not only unknowable, almost certainly un-tellable in its dynamic and complex reality, but (more important) also unintelligible to the man and woman in the Wuhan street (or on the Wuhan omnibus).

But it’s a bonus for the media now they’ve got nothing of value left to say about Brexit, Harry and Meghan, and the weather doesn’t merit Catastrophe/Crisis/Disaster billing, yet.

But it’s very typically English tripe.

Watch China cop it in the meejah with more lurid stories of the Yellow Peril flowing out of Wuhan, and innocent young round-eyed Brits being held hostage in Chinese isolation camps by brutal slitty-eyed chinks (not in so many copyrighted HRH the DofE™ awful words, of course!).

You thought chlorinated chicken was an impediment to post-Brexit trade? Try importing dim-sum flavoured Huawei technology!

Also available in bottles…


Snot to be sniffed at. :sneezing_face::face_with_thermometer::mask:

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I’m wondering why such a fuss is being made. With over 2,700 cases confirmed there have only been 81 deaths, which is a mortality rate of just under 3%. Not good for the 81 individuals of course, but no-one seems to be concerned that between 8,000 and 20,000 die from Flu each year, and that is in the USA alone.

Maybe because that mortality rate is similar to that of the 1918 flu pandemic that killed 50 million people?

“estimates of case-fatality (CF) rates for past influenza pandemics have ranged from about 0.1% (1957 and 1968 pandemics) to 2.5% (1918 pandemic)”

The 1918 flu pandemic killed young previously fit people. Are we seeing proof from China that the deaths here are older people with co morbidities ?

That’s the indication, but is the death of an old person with co-morbidities less serious than that of a younger person? In 1918 it also spread a lot through armed forces, ie young men. These days we are an older population overall.

Advice from the (UK) Foreign Office here

What we don’t know yet is whether:

  • you can catch the virus and recover 100%;
  • it can kill fit previously healthy young people;
  • how long the recovery period is.

I have a family member due to travel from Thailand to London via China on China Air which is a concern.
Planes are terrible things for spreading infections: one is basically sitting in a sealed tube breathing recycled air for hours.
I’m seriously considering buying him a return flight via Russia.

You want to see the french news, hours of talking about it on multiple channels.
I do t understand why people on this site are always so anti UK

Not anti-UK, anti UK people who have deserted their home country and now sit in another country nobody forced them to live in, bitching it up.


Apparently it’s the speed with which it is spreading that is giving concern. Took 6 months for the SARS virus to infect 1000 people. This virus reached that number in six weeks.


@graham you are WICKED! :rofl::joy:

C’est moi :crazy_face:

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And not caring how they voted would affect their fellow citizens lives, splitting up families, losing jobs, losing the right to vote in their community and having to apply to continue to live legally in their own homes.
What sort of people would do that?
Answers please.

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Could we please possibly have a thread that doesn’t come back to Brexit