Correcting a Carte De Sejour

I applied for a French VISA from the US almost 18 months ago. During the VISA process I was asked and provided proof of Medical Insurance, proof of Income in excess of 2000 per month and etc. I got the VISA worded Visiteur. Shortly after within a month I married a UK Citizen. We own a house in France and spend our time between the US, UK, and France. Because I spend more than 90 days in a six month period and being an American I understood I needed a VISA. However, since marrying a UK Citizen I do not think I do. Within two months of my first arrival in France I wrote OFII several letters requesting a CArte de Sejour reflecting my correct status as an EU Spouse or even as Retiree considering I do not intend to work in France. During the process the French asked if my wife was going to live in France, she still works part time in the UK and returned about two weeks every few weeks to the UK to work. She like I has no intention of working in France. I also forwarded all my documentation to OFII (Marriage Licence, Certificate of Domicile (we own a house), Utility Bill & etc.). My wife and I went to OFII where I had a medical exam and interview. They gave me a Carte De Sejour after I paid 349 Euros. The Carte De Sejour shows my status as Visiteur and was dated to coincide to expire with my VISA (349 euros wasted.) This year I went through the same drill to renew my Carte De Sejour only difference I went to the Prefecture not OFII. I paid 106 Euros got my new Carter De Sejour (not in my Passport a separate card with a Micro Chip on it). The problem it still says Visiteur Temporaire , good for a year. I tried to exchange my Drivers License for a French one (there is an agreement between the State of Texas and France) and was not able because my Carte De Sejour states Temporaire.

How do I correct my status on the Carte De Sejour, what is the process,or am I stuck paying every year and not knowing if I'll be allowed to spend anymore time at our home in France?

Marie, Thanks, I tried contacting The Consulate and was told to follow the OFII Guidance, which I did. It appears to be all about money. I guess the first problem started when I got a Visitor VISA in Houston even through I told them I was getting married, we had a home in France, and I was retired. The next problem appears to be neither my wife nor I work or want to work in France. My wife does not want to declare Residency in France for tax purposes plus she still works in the UK part time. The Local Marie and the Sous Prefecture have indicated there is not anything they can do. What I do not want to do is every year have to apply (it is not about money) it is about the time, waiting, standing in line it takes, and the not knowing what the FRench Government my do next.

Cory, have you tried to talk to the mayor in the town where your French home is ? My husband is a US citizen his first temporary Visa was put in his passport by the French Consulate in Chicago, he had to go to the mayor's office within 3 months of his arrival in France Our mayor called the prefecture for the necessary forms

and after that all the regular medical check up, x-rays, video watching and paying of the fee were scheduled in Poitiers and later French classes taken in La Rochelle and Rochefort and the 10 year permanent card with permission to work was received ( because when you receive your 10 year card it allows you to work) I am French but I think that didn't come in consideration . The important part was to start in the US with the French consulate for you it would be in Houston .

I hope this helps.