Cost of customs

I know that anything now coming through customs is getting expensive but we were charged for an item from UK car part then shipping then about 30 % customs is this going to be the norm and we had to pay customs on delivery what if we didnt have a cheque probably take back to UPS depot ? At least they found us were rural maybe it cos wanted money we got the delivery home shopping where able it is then


you ordered it, so you must expect that there will be a customs charge so keep the cheque book handy! simple… If no cheque is requested - result!!

but of course! you order something, you have to pay for it - nothing has changed there.

Indeed. Expect the possibility of being charged for TVA, duty and handling charges.

Karen - are you related to Professor Stanley Unwin? :wink: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Don’t buy from UK…otherwise you will be charged. The UK is no longer part of the customs union.


But, but, but Yorkshire Tea !!

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If it was PG Tips Gold I would have some sympathy.

Bah humbug!


[quote=“JJones, post:6, topic:35385”]
Don’t buy from UK…otherwise you will be charged. [/quote]

Maybe. Maybe not.

The Bialetti coffee pots I bought on eBay UK are not made in UK, so that eliminated that get-out. The cost inc p n p was £43. No customs charges.

The parcel I recieved last week contained £110 of clothing, mostly stuff made in the far east and sold by Asian eBay sellers. P n P was £16.50. I was not charged a cent.

A camera bag from China. US$35. No charges.

Bed linen from UK. £93. No charges.

Camera body and lens €994 from a .fr mail order site but supplied direct from China. No charges.

OBD gizmo - doesn’t work with Peugeot, natuarlly :angry:- from
Adresse commerciale:

baoanzhigukejichuangxinyuan G zuo 7 lou 703
shen zhen

No charges.

Apart from the bed linen, where you should have been charged TVA, nothing would be chargeable if not UK made surely?

But why not buy bialetti from italy?

Opposite is the case. If bought from UK but not actually manufactured there, duty is payable - supposedly.

But see this

I bought the coffee pots from the N.I. seller because they had a sp offer on a pr of 3-cups. One had the spout smashed off so they went back to N.I. which, as we have seen, the seller thought was not liable to demand a Customs Dec, despite being in the UK - for now.

Demographics will haveit otherwise, in time, I am lead to believe.

I’m buying a Bialetti from

I have an Italian coffee machine - a La Pavoni - and needed a replacement part.
Cost from an Italian supplier: 139€.
Cost from a UK supplier: £26 + £13 postage.

I expected further charges but none was applied. The part appears to be a genuine Pavoni ‘fatto in Italia’ one. No idea why the UK one was so much cheaper.

(Back on topic) I think that at the moment there is still a great deal of confusion over import charges, and there certainly aren’t enough customs agents to pore over every single package so whether you get charged or not appeared to be something of a lottery.

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It’s the same here in the UK, if you buy anything from outside of the country they automatically add VAT no matter how much it cost or what it is!
I’ve bought some items from the USA which are well below the threshold and it been charged every time!

But it shouldn’t be and that is the whole point.

I agree Jane. I started to write a fuller reply but I could feel my blood pressure rising so thought I’d go for a swim instead :wink::grin:

I am going to do just that when the bread is out of the oven.

I think the rules are being tightened I sent a pair of specs back to the UK about a month ago with a CN 22 on the jiffy bag , the lady in our local post office just weighed it and put it in the post never looked at the dec , last week took a similar packet 6e value on the CN 22 and had it refused , she said all packets and parcels must now have a CN 23 dec on them , as we are on the last packet of Yorkshire Gold I looked in Europe , found the Corner shop has set up on this side of the water and the price is not that painful , I think you have to accept where we are at now.

up the creek without a paddle?

More like up the creek without a paddle, stuck on a small sandbar with crocodiles circling :yum: