Cost of registering a car and Motorhome in France

Trying to find out the app costs and duties payable?
2012 Motorhome £32,000. 2016 car £18,000
To bring the to France am applying for CDS

If you go on registering a vehicle in France, Facebook, Mark Rimmer is excellent.

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Depends on make, model, puissance fiscal, CO2, where you live etc.

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As Mark says.
For the car, once you have all the details including the puissance fiscal, there is a simulator on the carte grise website where you can input all the details and it will tell you the cost to register.
For the motorhome the habitation also needs to be checked to ensure that it conforms, you’ll need to have it inspected and certified. For instance you could use

  • other companies provide this service too.
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Hi Mark, many thanks for your reply,

Hi Mark

Really have appreciated your help but have another query for you…
Is there a Habitation Certificate as we have in UK as our French dealer just keeps saying all is good and he also says Crit’air and Angles Mort not the law. Please direct us! Thanks

You’ll find him quicker via Facebook currently

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Wrong Mark!

Oops sorry! Didn’t think there could be two experts called Mark :slight_smile: