Cost of using Urgences at the hospital

Hi my wife was brought into hospital two weeks ago by the pompiers. She had lost 3 ltrs of blood after her spleen had ruptured. They operated within a few minutes of a ct scan. Two weeks later she is still there in hospital. She has an EHIC card. Will we be expected to pay anything?

If you are using an EHIC card… I presume you are on holiday… in which case, you may well be expected to pay 20% or so…of the total costs… with the rest charged to UK…

Even a French Resident does not get free health cover…and the sum charged will be quite considerable I reckon.

Perhaps you should check if you have Holiday Medical Insurance … :thinking:

That must have ruined your holiday. How awful for you both.

The NHS website says this:

Generally, you will only have to pay a 20% co-payment towards your treatment, sometimes it will be free. Inpatients will have to pay a daily hospital charge of €18. If you are admitted to hospital and receive any major medical treatment, you will be charged a flat-rate contribution of €18 in addition to the daily hospital charge or the 20% co-payment.

Here is a link to the appropriate section so that you can read the whole thing.

It sounds like you will have quite a hefty fee. You should probably find out as soon as possible how much it will be.

Jim - sorry to hear about your wife. Stella is absolutely right - as you’re visiting France and using an EHIC card you’ll normally be required to pay at least 20% of the costs - some hospitals may charge up to 100% for reclamation when you return to the UK. You really need to speak to the hospital admin / admissions office to get an idea of the likely charges they’ll be seeking payment for. Some hospitals will deal directly with your travel insurance company if you have one.

We had some friends staying last year who had not organised their EHIC cards and didn’t have travel insurance (I know, I know…!!!) - broken ankle requiring surgery and a 5 day stay - total bill 6,600€.

(woops - sorry Stella - didn’t mean to reply to you!)

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One of the worries of Brexit is that we might possibly lose our EHIC card.
We used to have it as part of belonging to the French health system, but then it went back to UK.
Of course, it is now one of the bargaining chips.

EHIC has already been agreed to continue after Brexit.

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When I was in hospital recently I was made aware of the costs at every stage. Ask to speak to one of the administrators and they will be able to tell you exactly what your liability is.

I presume that you currently have a U.K. EHIC because your medical costs are covered by an S1. After Brexit, whatever happens, you will be able to stay in the French health system and will be able to revert back to having a French issued card.

I have a good ‘Mutuelle’ via Madams work, after my ‘hip job’, I paid nothing, included was a private room, and several weeks of aftercare at home (visiting nurses), incredible!
Hope your Wife makes a good recovery Jim :rose:

Errr, not exactly,… I think.

The draft agreement doesn’t seem to mention healthcare specifically, but the joint report on progress says this:

“the specified date” = “Brexit day” (currently 29th March 2019). So, you’re OK if you are visiting the EU on exit day but it doesn’t say what happens if one arrives clutching an EHIC on the day after exit day. Or any subsequent day for that matter - presumably as we’ve agreed nothing will actually change during the “implementation period” things will continue to be valid until Dec 20201.

It’s also a bit odd that it talks about residents since EHIC is about cover for temporary stays, residents need to make separate arrangements. However the UK/EU consensus document does say that the S1 will continue to be valid

I can’t find anything definite re: future arrangements at present. If you have a pointer, let me know.

1] if we don’t bomb out without an agreement, of course.

Yes, that’s the one, specifically paragraph 29 - I did include a link in my comment. I also have just added the link to the UK/EU position/consensus table on citizens rights as well.

It’s interesting that everything in the December version of the position document is nicely in green showing how aligned and in agreement we all are - if you go back to the August version rather a lot was still in red. As far as I can see at least some of the apparent coming together of minds was achieved by simply removing the red sections from the document.

Thank you for the first two replies, both relevant to my question. As for the others, one of which was just showboating, I can do without. This is a very upsetting time for my wife and I. The doctors here and the nurses are excellent, but Oh so slow, and difficult to pin down in relation to the exhausting further tests and biopsies that are continuing. Just wish they would allow my wife out. Her staples were removed two days ago. But the Doctor seems to think there is something more sinister going on hence the tests. And yes we are on holiday in our holiday home. Not living here permanently. We do not have travel insurance, as we are often here for a couple of months which is often too long to get travel insurance for at a reasonable rate.

Do you need someone to speak to hospital admin or have you got the costs sorted?

We do have friends that are fluent in French, though we are getting by, just seems the doctor overseeing my wife is never around. I am at my wife’s bedside at the moment. And was told the doctor would call here for a talk, but that was an hour and a half ago. Just been to ask where he is, and he is caught up with other work. We just think he is evading us!

It must be extremely distressing for both your wife and yourself.

If the acute danger has passed could any further investigations not be passed on to the NHS when you get home, even if you have to cut your planned stay short?

As Simon says - how are you getting on with the hospital admin people?

No Jim thats par for the course - they have a pretty much demi-god status! Stick with it and be really persistent - waring but worth it - believe me! Bon courage to you both!!

Hi Jim… I’ve been caught up in hospital stuff quite a lot over the years. The Doctors (in the main) are a great crowd, but very, very busy. It can be exasperating … waiting to talk to them… but, it will happen, eventually.

Just keep hold of your wife’s hand and keep her as cheerful as you can… I hope you learn something soon.


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Well we were blessed with an audience around 1800. My Wife can be released tomorrow. But he doesn’t want us to return to the UK until all the tests are complete and a full diagnosis is produced. As it seems she has either myelofibrosis or chronic myeloid leukemia. A real shock as she was as fit as a butchers dog the day her spleen ruptured on May the 1st. I have a call booked from our GP tomorrow to ask what is best in their opinion. Though when I spoke a week and a half ago the GP was scarcely interested. Probably working out where to go on the next holiday? Thank you all for your thoughts

Best wishes for your wife… and as for you… keep your chin up… :relaxed::hugs:

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