Costs of bringing UK vehicle over

Excuse this but I am being really slow to grasp this (yet again).

I’m working through the pages detailing how to get your UK vehicle into the French system. Mine being a Vauxhall Vivaro 115 van (Renault Trafic in effect)

So (excuse all the links but I want to get this right):

Click: Véhicule immatriculé à l’étranger

Particuliers > Transports > Carte grise (certificat d’immatriculation)
Carte grise : immatriculer un véhicule d’occasion

and go to simulator:

and I go for vehicle particulier:

Démarche : Première immatriculation en France d'un véhicule	

Importé en France après avoir été immatriculé dans un autre pays
Genre national (J.1) : Voiture particulière (VP)

BUT I see pollution charges here:

Coût du certificat d’immatriculation
Y1 - Taxe régionale : 301,00 €
Y2 - Taxe formation professionnelle : 0,00 €
Y3 - Taxes sur les véhicules polluants : 1 500,00 €

Even though the piece above says (to me) particulier does not pay pollution charge:

Les taxes sur les véhicules polluants sont le malus écologique ou écotaxe et la taxe CO2. Elles ne s'appliquent qu'aux voitures particulières. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Am I missing something or have this completely wrong?

Also, I may bring my “classic” car, 1979 Merc. Is there anythng specific to that which I should watch other than this normal process I’ll go through with the van?


translates as: It only applies to private cars…

Are you thinking your vehicle (possibly as a Van) will be exempt from a pollution charge ?

What is against J1 on your V5 ?? have you done a correct simulation?

Yep - il ne s’applique pas à=it doesn’t apply to, but il ne s’applique qu’à=it only applies to

I wasn’t aware there was a general pollution charge. I see people regularly referring to costs around Euro 600 for this process.

My J line (vehicle cat, no J1)says N1. Panel van, light goods.

So I’ve got this wrong and there may well be a pollution charge. In that case I won’t bother.

Your Mercedes will be straightforward if you get certification from FFVE.

Hi Mike… if you fill in the simulation with the correct information… at least you should get the correct information out…

Calling your Panel Van/Light Goods … a car… was a mistake and you need to figure out what the correct French equivalent would be…

good luck… you may get a nice surprise…

Mmm, interesting. I “assumed” it was a private vehicle BUT if I use the camionette class I get something much more palatable, Euro 341 for either change of title or new registration in France (which ever of those is correct):

Immatriculation d’un véhicule d’occasion (changement de titulaire du certificat)
Genre national (J.1) : Camionnette (CTTE)

Euro 341

Démarche : Première immatriculation en France d'un véhicule	

Importé en France après avoir été immatriculé dans un autre pays
Genre national (J.1) : Camionnette (CTTE)

Has anybody recently registered their UK van here and knows the costs involved? I guess this revolves around designation J1 which I don’t have on my UK V5.

Hi Mike… it could well be a camionnette… I’ve no idea…

Of course… once you have obtained the Certificate of Conformity for your vehicle… the real/true classification will be revealed… and then the real/true costs will be calculated.

But you don’t need C of C if you have Line K (Type Approval number) on your V5, that’s documented (and on this site) as valid across Europe. Unless in some instances the French computer says no.

Has anybody been round this loop recently?

whichever way you go… it will depend on how your vehicle is recognized over here. It may be camionnette…it may be a higher category, which will incur other extra charges…if you are over here in France, why not ask at your local garage… ?? You have all the details of your vehicle… we do not.

good luck… keep persevering… you’ll get there in the end…

I’m now going through the process of importing a 2013 Ford Transit and by my calculation the cost will be about 327 Euros as it’s classed as a camionette being under 3.5 tonnes. I had to get the fiscale certificate from the Impots to prove there’s no VAT to pay and have done the rest on-line via the new ANTS site, it’s now a waiting game for any questions to be raised. The C of C may not be needed IF you’ve got a newish vehicle and on the UK reg document there’s a reference starting with a capital E, having that on mine meant getting the CT done wasn’t a problem.

Now that’s more what I was expecting. Yes I have the e1 Type approval number on the V5 (and by EU wide process this should be enough).

Please detail your success or otherwise when finished with the process.

Certainly will Mike, I’m not sure how long I’ll have to wait as I know there’s a backlog with the system which came live at the beginning of November.