Costs of Care Homes - a rough idea!


I wonder if anyone knows the costs of a nursing home in France? I am told E2,500 monthly is normal - (this person has Alzheimer’s) but is there not a state alternative? Would that be a private home?

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Hi Peter…

Is this a continuation of your Post about “Nursing Home Costs Court Summons”…in the Legal Advice Thread ??

I was wondering how you got on ??
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Thank you Anna

Stella - thanks for asking. It is to do with this. There is a hearing on the 23rd in Grignan. I spoke to lawyers about this and there is indeed an obligation to help support Mothers in Law - that stops on death of your wife unless there are children! Even more bizarre - the presence of children who in no way effects me other than I have additional university and subsistence costs! I see how she would inherit instead of her mother but other than in peasant families where everyone is living or working together I would see no reason to suppose I would benefit from her later inheritance or expect to. She may have a husband and mortgage etc then! The law here seems bizarre to me - bottom line I am not related to the lady. I have been trying to help by seeing if there is assistance or cheaper homes elsewhere but I have found out the action is at the bequest of the paying son and daughter so I am no longer on speaking terms.

They have no idea how difficult it has been for me over the past few months when I think the real shock and loneliness has hit me very badly to the point where I came home from work one weekend when I really thought for minutes Mano was upstairs- I had completely forgotten - then realising and the whole loneliness of it made me think seriously about giving up. The gap of Mano not being here now is so constant. Anyway she was the best thing ever to come out of France and I still love even the thought of being there but the family!

I will let you know how things go.


I was hesitating whether to say this or not but decided I would because I hope it"ll make you feel better and more accepting… Although you’re not related to MIL, she’s the one you have to thank for bringing your wife into the world, can’t you love her a bit for that? She is also a quarter of your kids/her grandchildren’s genes, hence the continuing link between the families in the eyes of the French. The importance of the bloodline is built into French law and also the French mindset.

Hello Peter

Oh dear… what an emotional time for you. I do hope things are sorted out somehow.

As Anna points out…your children do have links by blood and this is stronger than steel in France.