Cotisations to PUMa

We plan to move to France this year.
On another forum I was advised the following -
…if you are getting a pension OF ANY SORT whether it is state or private or occupational then you will not have to pay cotisations to PUMA
Could anyone please confirm this? If correct it is good news.
I was employed by a private company.

I have seen conflicting opinions on the S1. Will people who reach state retirement age after Brexit still get the S1 if they acieve stable reisidence before the end of the year? Is this something yet to be finalised?

I don’t think you can reasonably ask forum members to give definitive confirmation or assurances.
Everyone’s situation is likely to be slightly different. All we can do is try to keep up to speed with the information provided by official sources, interpret it as best we can, and hope for the best. Some members have past experience to draw on which is helpful but there is never any guarantee that the rules will stay exactly the same next year or the year after. The final decision is made by the authorities so it’s their interpretation and their opinion that counts.

Best advice is to read the official French websites (ameli, vosdroits) for info on healthcare. For Brexit info check out EU sources for preference, as well as the national websites, to find out about post-Brexit arrangements. Then you’ll know as much about it as anyone and you can form your own opinion.