Could anyone tell me what this thing is..?

I dug up this metal thing in the garden today. Could anyone tell me what it is? (Should I be worried!?)

Oh my… first off, I thought bed-warmer… not really sure why that jumped into my head…

are you near any old battlefields ??

Can you give us some sizes please…

be careful…

It’s about 12" or slightly less. It was found near the house, in a place I would expect has been disturbed quite regularly over the years, so I’d hope it’s nothing explosive… There’s a lot of old farming equipment around that I keep stumbling across in the dirt, so I’m hoping it’s something innocuous.

It’s a beumb !


Not to alarm you…'cos as you say… it is probably harmless… but I would ask at the Mairie if I were you… take in a photo…or ask a neighbour to have a look…but perhaps best leave it where it is…for the moment…

Thanks, that’s my plan for tomorrow!!

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The whole of the Sarthe was effectively a battlefield in 1944. Don’t bother with the Mairie Monica just call the Gendarmerie. We live in the Gironde and ordnance is always turning up with the Gendarmes setting up a périmètre de sécurité before calling in the démineurs.

Given the history of France I would be a little cautious of this object.

Where are you in France?

I wasn’t aware that there was a significant amount of fighting in the Gironde during ww1 or ww2 it was obviously an important strategic area being on the coast.

I am interested to know that there is ordnance often found in the Gironde.

There was a tremendous amount of bombing by the allies in 1944 and some in 43. The ordnance turned up is usually UXB’s or ordnance left behind by the Wermacht. The Wermacht left in a hurry so left behind quite a few of heavy shells also.

Fair comment David… I was thinking of my own situation, as the Mairie is just up the road from my house, whereas the Gendarmes are in the town, some way away…

I do know that the Gendarmes never mind being called (just like the Pompiers)… they would rather have a false alarm, than someone not make contact when they really should… :slight_smile:

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Please let us know how you get on… and what the result is… :slight_smile:

Our house is in the south of the département on the border of Indre-et-Loire. It’s a collection of old farm buildings with lots of fields around it. We’ve also got a mairie round the corner and a gendarmerie quite far, so I.
'Ll see what both say. We aren’t at the house until Friday so I’ll let you all know! X

A day of ominous silence. Should I be worried?

Peter… on the premise that none of us have heard anything (like a great big bang…) things should be OK… but I do hope Monica let’s us know today…:slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry all! We have family staying until tomorrow so haven’t managed to get over to the new house (currently we are based quite a way away, in Indre et Loire) to sort it out! I promise I’ll let you know when I know!

Monica Millington


Seems we must all hold our breath… just a little longer… phew… the suspense is awful… :wink:

I am not sure leaving it lying around is a good idea. Kids could find it !!!

It does look like some kind of improvised mortar grenade.

It possibly is not, but than pin looks a bit scary.

Looks like it could be a weight from an old clock.