Could anyone tell me what this thing is..?

(James Higginson) #21

Unexploded ordnance?

(Terry Williams) #22

Had the same thought, John. But the link doesn’t look quite right.

(Mat Davies) #23

My guess is a WW2 mortar with the fins missing/corroded.

Or an egg from a centre of the earth iron monster!

(James Higginson) #24

Did you call the Gendarmerie @Monica_Sarthe ? have you found out what it is yet?

(stella wood) #25

James… she is not back at that house yet… I am confused as I thought she was pursuing the matter immediately… but no… we wait with bated breath…:slight_smile:

(Monica Sarthe) #26

Sorry all, the gendarmes are coming tomorrow afternoon! I went in today and one guy said it’s possibly something explosive and the other said possibly a clock weight or some agricultural weight, but they’ll visit tomorrow. No worries about anybody stumbling on it; we are very remote. We’re surrounded by our fields and very much off the beaten track. We’ve only owned the house for two weeks too! Week one, we discovered a swarm of honey bees living in what will be our young daughter’s bedroom. Week two we have the unidentified wotnot. So far, we’ve been kept busy!! But still, sorry to keep everyone waiting…

(Monica Sarthe) #27

I was!! But the distance between old and new property, coupled with our guests staying longer than I thought, totally threw me for six! We have 5/6 days left until we want to move in and we are so behind schedule… there’s two houses on site, one has all the electricity and the other has all the water, neither have both. It’s a fun place to be at the moment, but a good (tiring) adventure!!

(stella wood) #28

Monica… we camped in one room… vague electrics from the 12th century :wink: and one cold water tap… but at least under the same roof. :slight_smile:
It took us 2 years to get running hot water… :smiley:

Let’s hope your thingy will be something safe… best of luck…

(David Rosemont) #29

I googled and found this doesn’t look exactly the same but I would cover it from extreme sun today

(john hope-falkner) #30

It might be a beumb, but it is euld and probablement so euld as to be nussing to have ze worries with.
Zer again, poosible still vivant - zo increase maison insurance and that of any living peoples dans le batiment.
Move away and 'ear ze nid oeuf boom into trés comfortable retrait fund.

(David GAY) #31

Go away Officer Crabtree!

(Monica Sarthe) #32

I think we will be doing similarly! Our electrics and plumbing are pretty recent but there’s a few hurdles to jump before everything will work. Plus, the main house is completely filthy (uninhabited for a couple of years at least…) so I’m spending a lot of time just hoovering and mopping and remopping!

(Monica Sarthe) #33

So, I have no update. The gendarmes arranged to come on Sunday afternoon but came on Sunday morning, when I wasn’t there… a local farmer passed by and said he’s pretty sure it’s an old weight, but he’s put it on our field edge as a precaution and I still await the Gendarmes. I dug up part of an old bridle, very thick leather, and a lovely pick axe handle the other day (in a very different area to the “bomb” ) so I think I’ m probably going to keep finding treasures!

(stella wood) #34

any update @Monica_Sarthe ??

If this sort of thing is still lingering in England… who knows what else is lingering in France.

(Monica Sarthe) #35

Hello! Sorry, I’m living with the worst of rural France’s internet connections here, plus I forgot my password, which doesn’t help… So, a local wise man came by and picked up the thing and said it’s an old farm weight, then promptly pulled off the little bit at the end that looked like a grenade pin, and then finished with, “Je pense.” So, we’ve left it be and since then I have uncovered all manner of farm materials (I should really take a photo-there is so much…). I dug up an entire metal cart wheel and a beautiful old tractor seat, so I think it’s probably another piece of farming stuff that has been left to rot here. Thank so for all the responses though!