Could Brexit discord lead to the rise of a British Macron?

I believe that things would have been better if Vince Cable had been the leader of the Lib Dems during the Referendum.
He stands for centrist policies and common sense and I do wish he would be more forthcoming and more people would listen.
I am a disillusioned Tory voter and the way we British overseas citizens have been treated is appalling.


Time will tell how effective Macron really is which makes it hard to say whether we we need a “British Macron” but my gut reaction would be to say “yes please”.

It’s entirely personal, of course, but I find the current mob pretty distasteful. I’m not just thinking of Brexit but of decades of unimaginative, lackluster and frankly incompetant government. We haven’t really had a game changing PM since Thatcher; Blair & New Labour was a modest breath of fresh air but the economic “gains” of that era were 80% smoke and mirrors with too little on the fundamentals for further growth and, of course, the Iraq issue taints the Blair premiership.

That leaves the possible exception of the Lib Dems who at least are largely guiltless where the current mess is concerned, but only because they haven’t held real power for a century. I will probably vote for them at the next general election but they aren’t going to whip anyone up into a frenzy. Cable has the credentials but he’s 35 years too old.

So, yes, a real alternative would be good but I don’t see where one would emerge in the current UK political scene.

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Was it ever thus Jane…
And I write as a particularly disgruntled previous Deputy Chairman of a local Conservative Constituency Party! The current bunch of morons have trashed a perfectly acceptable parliamentary party political party and it all started with Iain Dunkin-Donut being elected as leader!!

Well said! :+1:

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