Could you help us rent a house?

Hello. I wonder if anyone in the 81170 / 81140 areas [ Cordes sur Ciel, Gaillac areas] would know of a house that would be available to rent semi-long term.
We are renting a beautiful stone cottage for the moment while we house hunt near Cordes, but it is terribly cold and the heating ineffective. The open fire is not an option to use as I have a lung condition, so we offered to install a wood burner at our own expense but the landlord declined. We love where we are at the moment but need a house that is easier to heat, as I am about to start chemo, after a shock diagnosis in December. It could be a new property or old, with a garden.
We are also in the market to buy a property so anyone with any ideas please do contact me. We are a couple with no children, but 2 dogs and 2 cats. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Hope you find something soon, Jacqueline…

Have a word at the local Mairie… they sometimes have property to rent… and/or they may be able to give some advice/info…

Thank you very much, we have spoken to the Mairies and they are all very nice but have nothing and know of nothing to buy either!! We are searching online every day but sometimes a person may have perhaps a holiday home that for ne reason or another they would like to rent for a year, so that’s why we are trying your web site. I have advertised on Bon Coin too. Best wishes.

Keep looking… hope something turns up… but, of course, so many holiday homes will not be suitable for winter weather… :roll_eyes:

leboncoin is usually the best bet (for buying and renting) but don’t expect people to look for you, you need to get out there and look. If you widen the search to Gaillac shouldn’t be a problem and there’s plenty on offer in and around Albi, Carmaux too. Going the otherway you could try St Antonin. Have you done the rounds of the agents?

Thank you for taking the time to reply.All of your suggestions have been done. This request is just on the off chance someone may have a property to let for a year or so and may be worried about the French law etc, as we would be happy to sign a yearly contract and supply excellent references etc. But again thankyou.

Good luck Jacqueline, I hope you find somewhere soon and that the chemo goes well.

Very scary but thank you for your kindnesses


I’m sure.

if you are interested in looking/renting further north we have a place close to Gourdon that we could possibly rent to you. Please let me know if you want to discuss further.

Best wishes
Bob McNeil

Thank you so much. I have to be in this area due to medical treatment I am having in ALBI. I appreciate your reply. Kind regards. Jacqueline

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