Cover up!

I don’t know if anyone saw the recent headlines! (I suppose I should look them out)

But they basically described a recent outbreak of Rickets in the UK. Quite a common thing I remember in Post war UK.

Suddenly it's back. It seems we have all been a little over zealous in covering ourselves up for fear of sunstroke, skin cancer, premature ageing etc. General mollycoddling, has led to a failure many kids to get some sunlight.

Sunlight being a key factor in allowing the body to absorb Vitamin D.

So bandy legs here we go again. I believe the problem is compounded but the fact that our kids, mine included, are doing less out door activites and more Playstation, Wii, whatever. When they are out it's Sun Hats, Factor 5O and God knows whatever else.

Where are we going here?

Living in in Cap D'Agde we see this a lot. The funsters arrive, drink a bit too much, spend too long in the Sun, get broiled, and then spend 2 days in bed. Then spend ten days getting to look like something out of a Tango ad.

That's bad? good? Too much Sun is not good, we all know that, but not enough has a bearing too, A happy balance is key.

Geting a tan, not au naturel, and avoding the dreaded SUNBED is easy nowdays. Spray tanning techniques have come on in leaps and bounds with the results looking very realistic, and forming a bit of a UV barrier to boot.

My lovely God daughter Lucy, has her own mobile service, a bit of a trek to here I know but if you are in the North Oxford area, and want a pre-visit to France colour up, give her a ring. Mention my name ( you will get you a discount )

any thought on this? or should I have posted it up as a Blog, please advise.

Have a sizzling Chrissy!

Well, thanks Michelle, you didn't have tell everybody! I'll probably be banned now

I don't know what I am doing, I was given a list of Rons friends and told to like everything in sight, he's getting tiddled, he is such a light weight . I don't know what he's going on about, except that he has 5 goddaughters and they are all lovely, children of his best friend. They are all lovely girls, he'd do anything for them, He misses his friends more than he admits.

Happy Christmas to you all

Sorry every one this is probably more of a Blog than a topic, or is it? please advise and I will move it if required.