Covid-19 New Restrictions Probable

“Friday morning, Emmanuel Macron meets a new defense council dedicated to the coronavirus crisis, on the fourth day of a confinement that the authorities consider insufficiently respected and which is likely to extend beyond the fifteen days initially planned.”

@Stella " Corvid 19 - new restrictions coming"

Oh no! Horror of horrors! It’s the birds now!!! :scream:

Fines of up to 100,000 € to be imposed on old
grannies who put out food for wild birds, or throw remnants of their breakfast baguettes from their balconies, the new measure was pronounced by the Elysée Palace this morning… :hugs::clipperton_island:

Are the ‘one size fits all’ restrictions right? Here in Nouvelle-Aquitaine there have only been 300+ cases of CV which is a tiny fraction of the total for the country so is it unfair to confine people in the country when the likelihood of person to person spread is so low?

But isn’t that a much better point to impose restrictions? “Person to person spread is low” which means it is happening. So 14 days of restrictions could turn that low to 0…which is what is needed to halt this in its tracks.


Fixed that for you :wink:


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I’m only to happy to give folks a chuckle, from time to time… … :relaxed: :relaxed: :relaxed:

I fully support and agree with restrictions to limit or halt the spread. Yesterday’s new walking and cycling limits are frankly bonkers in the countryside.


When they realize that the Attestations cannot be read from a distance of 2 metres and the Gendarmes are actually spreading the disease, what will they think of?
Perhaps we will all have to go around ringing bells and calling out “Unclean, unclean!”
But, seriously folks, I think we should prepare for 2 months of the current restrictions, provided most people take this thing seriously.
But it seems possible that some may be able to return to work if they get tested and are found to have the antibodies.


If you have antibodies, could you still be a carrier? Or does the virus look at you, think “Yuk, antibodies”, and move on?

It’s also about minimising your risk in other ways. Go out for a long cycle ride, have an accident, you might end up needing an ambulance and medical care, diverting rsources that the health service can’t spare.


Then why risk going to the boulangerie in case you have an accident in the car?

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I know viruses are constantly evolving, but I don’t believe they have got around to thinking yet. When that happens we will really be in trouble! :laughing:

If you don’t need bread, you shouldn’t be going.
MINIMISE risk. You can’t eliminate it. But going out more often than you need and going further than you need, is not minimising.


But it was a serious question. Can a person who has developed antibodies, be a carrier?

I suspect this subject can swing back and forth… to not much avail…

I’m busy figuring out how to get the woodpile into my corridor… as the nights are chilly still… and I don’t want to catch flu…

Reducing Risk is the absolute key… and sorry @anon27586881 I changed my post…

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