Covid getting out

Hello all just wondering how it is in France currently getting about , shopping etc

Totally fine…as long as you don’t want to go to a gym, beauty parlour or restaurant. But people are still only allowed to cross the border into France for exceptional reasons.

Not totally true - crossing the border from other EU countries as well as a few non-EU countries including the UK is allowed without needing a specific reason.

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En tout état de cause, tous les déplacements depuis l’étranger vers la France et de France vers l’étranger restent strictement déconseillés jusqu’à nouvel ordre…

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There’s talk of lifting the 10km radius for movement from home from next week, no more need for attestation for daytime travel, and possibly an extended evening curfew begin. In all honesty, there’s very little police control in the countryside, although you still currently need that attestation to go more than 10km. Not seen a single policeman / gendarme since the begin of the latest lockdown and I’ve been into the office twice a week plus shopping trips more than 20km from home (with aforementioned attestation).

Déconseillés mais pas interdit. If you have a negative PCR you can travel to France from another European country and the UK and vise versa.


Sure, but not advised surely means just that, ie “please don’t unless you really have to”? The numbers are really not in a good state, and if our reservations are anything to go by the French will be on the move next week. So it all may get worse.

(Our neighbours said that gendarmes were checking attestations on the beach at the weekend… but we have not seen a soul. Not even the gendarme car that drive through the village every evening during last lockdown. )

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That is exactly what it means but unfortunately you know what people are like. They should have just was forbidden and be done with it. The Spanish number plates are all appearing here which is not good news!


My emphasis.

Your original statement was that:

Which, as I said, is not exactly â€‰true (see above) - it might still be discouraged but you do not need to supply proof of un “motif impĂ©rieux” if travelling from any of a small group of countries including the UK.

It was, however, a bit unclear, what you’d put on an attestation covering onward travel from the port of entry to a destination in France, lifting the 10k limit and attestation for travel in France will clear that little conundrum up.

There is still a (voluntary) 7 day quarantine period with repeat test at the end.

That’s because they are too busy wherever I am, giving me parking tickets; bastards. Pfffffffff


Or checking up on me as.i try to work 🤦🤦🤦


Daytime lockdown ends on 3 May, restaurant terraces open mid-May, with further easing of restrictions thereafter.

Me too, 135 euros no less :open_mouth: for no réal reason, work in progress on this one…!

It’s too soon and I am really, really worried.

I understand the pressure to let people have the run of holidays in May but with ICU’s mostly full this is a huge risk of a monster flare-up beyond their capacity. To say nothing of the risk of derailing vaccine effectiveness by allowing too much circulation when nowhere near enough of the population has been vaccinated - it allows new variants to penetrate. We could have held on another 6-8 weeks to really get infections down, people vaccinated and still had a summer. Now we could be starting again in autumn.


I think we’re ****** if the current lockdown is lifted anytime soon. Even the Lot et Garonne’s ICU beds are 70% full and the national average of daily new cases hasn’t dropped below 25k yet.

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470k vaccines were given on Tuesday-if this rate continues for another couple of weeks the infection rates will drop as is being seen elsewhere.

And that surely is the point that others are making. If Macron had waited another 2 weeks until the rates show signs of dropping those of us in departments like 47 would be less concerned. I could tell the incomers in Leclerc’s this morning. The temperature is 10.5 and it’s raining and there are people wandering round in 3/4 trousers and bare legs! The locals are still wearing their thermals! :grin:


Seems you are where qe were about 2 weels ago
Were at 44 + vaccination age and second injections are at 70 plus those with medical conditions
Was wondering if still beed any special paperwork other than that for travel ? Were moving end may full time and will need food shop
I know there are now some foods no longer allowed to bring !!

Good luck Andrew.
They don’t need a reason unless it is to throw their weight about.

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I’ve been back in shorts since February :slightly_smiling_face:

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