Covid getting out

If you are moving permanently you will need your visa or CdS attestation plus whatever covid tests are in force at that time. You should also check on the customs requirements if you are coming with your possessions, as various requirements for documents. And many foodstuffs, plants, raw wood items etc all prohibited.

But France is perfectly civilised country, so you can buy nice French food here.


We had to laugh when we first bought our then holiday home here. Involved already in the petanque scene in England we immediately joined the local club and one old chap in particular became a close friend. We once asked him if it was safe to drink the water from the tap and he puffed himself up in mock indignation and said, very forcibly ‘France is a civilised country’. :laughing:

And the last laugh was on us though, on our way home in England we stopped at a service area to fill a drinking water bottle from an outside tap. Then we saw the sign ‘Non-Potable’. :roll_eyes: :laughing: :laughing:

Are you a kiwi? Wearing shorts is a national pastime!

If they are British.

She previously posted about bringing in UK reg car and bikes so one assumes so…