Covid test

Wondered if anyone knew if you can just go and get a corona test ??

I don’t have any symptoms - but I’m hoping to go to the Isle of Jura in Scotland for the month of August - they are SUPER panicking about the virus. The island is covid free. No visitors allowed. I’m going there for work and I want to reassure them - and in fact they are happy to pay for it.
I live on the border of the Vaucluse / Drome, I work from home - and we live in a very isolated area, and we’ve been pretty strict. I’m aware that all this means nothing! All has been well and strict here -but of course now the broders are open we’re getting a lot of 2nd homers - which I’m happy about of course - the village needs them.
Also - is there actually an APP here in France

You need a prescription from your GP. I know as I have just had one this morning. And best avoided if possible,!

Be aware that the PCR test has a narrow window of validity (from just before to about 5 days after the onset of symptoms so, typically, 4-10 days after exposure) so a negative test now does not mean you are going to be free of Covid when you arrive.


Thank C & P - I guess at this stage I want to reassure them that IF they wanted me to be tested before I arrived it would be possible - I know it’s relatively meaningless since I’m more likely to catch it on the way there than sat here in nowhere’s ville…
I’ll be pretty isolated (!) on the island which is in itself an isolated island… it’s a really important job for me so i’m trying to cover all bases…
thanks x t

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Our local town has been offering tests to anyone without a prescription.

Oh, interesting - where are you TC?

In the Charente Maritime.

How lovely, lucky you! I love Jura and have family or rather my cousin’s inlaws and friends there!

oh wow! how amazing - what a coincidence… I think (think) I’ve got a job there - I’m going for August to see if I like it and they like me - but I’m byond giddy about it - it’s been quite a long haul getting through the interview process - especially with the madness of life today - i’ll keep you posted

I agree I had one last week and the lab had difficulty getting the stick up one of my nostrils which has a deviation. Makes your eyes water !

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Oh dear look at this

Yes, there is an App in France. It is called StopCovid France.

Thanks David M - on my way there now

although is it a bit weird that i live and work here (at the markets) but i don’t know about it? maybe i’ve had my head in the hot hot sand again!

Yes, I was tested (positively) for flu at Christmas - a broomstick up your nose is not a pleasant experience. GP now thinks it could have really been covid so I’ll try a less invasive blood test for antibodies.

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