COVID testing returning to UK

Still sat on the fence. We’re due to go on the 2nd and haven’t yet set a ‘D Day’ - we can be fairly flexible as Eurotunnel booking can be moved easily. But I can’t see the situation / numbers improving over time / as we get closer to our departure date - only worse!

Wife read an interesting article that, if the UK govt do put France on the Red List, and forcing returnees into hotel quarantine, it’ll affect approx 500,000 returnees but there are only c.20,000 hotel spaces……there’ll be chaos!

Absolute chaos, never the less a nice little earner for some hotel chain I’m sure :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You’ve got a week or so to sit on the fence but likely hood is as you say the situation will only get worse.

Should France not go Red, I guess you’re happy to quarantine at home for 10 days upon your return or take a test or two to reduce this to 5 day (I think).

Very good point.

Apparently this is why they came up with the amber+ status.

Full vaccination with Pfizer gives 64% protection against infection - so the risk about the same as an unvaccinated population with 1/3 the Covid rate.

Quite curiously the reported new cases in the UK has been less than 40,000 for the past two days.

If you don’t absolutely have to go back, well just stay in Aups or wherever you are!

My husband and I, both double jabbed, made a flying visit to our second home in Brittany last weekend. We took a rapid antigen test on Wednesday 14th. Sailed overnight on the Thursday. Woke up on Saturday to read that the UK govt had changed the rules and that despite booking to return on 19th July, we would not escape quarantine upon return home! We looked up a local pharmacy offering suitable tests and called to make an appointment. Tests taken and results via mobile phone very quick and easy. €50 for thé both of us. Returned on the 19th and have been quarantining since. Day 2 tests done (still no results yet!). Taking day 5 Test To Release tests today so that we may hopefully leave our house tomorrow! It was an expensive weekend away but not being able to check on our property for almost a year we felt we had to get over at the earliest opportunity, who knows when we may return! I would recommend taking the antigen test in the (french) pharmacy rather than post - much quicker. Good luck whichever way you decide.


What a Kerfuffle :roll_eyes:

Despite this I hope you managed to enjoy a pleasant weekend in Brittany.

I just do not begin to understand why to UK government considers someone like you Estelle a dangerous risk just because you spent a few days on French soil, while the whole population of the UK has been free to watch football in pubs, spend time in crowded cities, partying etc. in the UK (which is fairly consistently the covid capital of the world).
Something must be done to rub this logic into the government’s thick skulls. But I suspect the real reason is simply to keep British tourists on home soil and not take their money overseas.

On my recent visit to the UK I heard British people saying that Europeans, especially the French are being anti-British and trying to punish the British for Brexit, but Europe has been much more reasonable about letting British people inside their borders despite the dramatic rise in UK covid cases, the Delta variant and the lifting of UK restrictions. And yet Britain is being so harsh on Europeans, especially the French coming into the UK. Perhaps British people like Estelle can accept this more easily, but if I was French and wanted to (or had to) come to the UK right now, I would be very angry with the British government’s one-sided attitude against foreign travel.

All poitical BS but whilst they play their childish little games we have to live our lives affected by their decisions.

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It is not just a game.
Firstly, the risk of a British person catching covid from somebody arriving from France is no higher than a British person catching it from another british person inside the UK, in fact it’s hugely less as nobody can get on a plane or ferry without a negative test result.
In addition it’s destroying the travel and airline industries.
And in addition it’s contributing to anti-British sentiment in Europe. To me it’s like the UK saying “we don’t mind our covid, but we don’t want yours”. It’s like parents accepting the nastiness of their own children, but not that of other people’s children.

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Any UK residents reading my above comments, if you agree, feel free to transfer these comments to your MP.

Minister raises hopes France will return to quarantine-free amber list for jabbed travellers

Or to put it another way (one you won’t hear)
We got it wrong and based it all on an island in the middle of the Indian ocean :roll_eyes: