COVID vaccination

I just thought I would drop a line here for anyone who is in the same situation as me.
I moved here permanently last December and have my residency interview on 3rd May.
As I don’t yet have my Carte Vitale I was dubious about whether I would be able to get the vaccination (I’m 56).
However, I applied through Doctolib and had my appointment yesterday in Laval. At first they didn’t really know what to do with me, but I had gone prepared with the relevant information from
The staff there were absolutely amazing, filled out my paperwork and I was jabbed before I knew it. I go back in 4 weeks for #2 :grinning:

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You were lucky to get an appointment Anne-Marie. I tried Doctolib yesterday for my 83 year old neighbour with no joy. I’m sure things will loosen up soon.

:sunglasses:, did you need to provide any documents or anything else to them.

Good news,Do you have a comorbidity?

OH and self are in the healthy over 50(?) under 70/5(?) category - despite my relative health and lack of Alzheimers I’m no longer sure of the precise vax bands, but thought we wouldn’t be eligible until mid-April. However, yesterday OH popped into our pharmacie for some headache pills, made a casual enquiry about le vax and was told that we can be jabbed on Tuesday (she’s now fantasising about driving down to Spain so we can again eat in restos.

Not complaining, but don’t know how we appear to have jumped the queue (typically British worry? Can’t imagine un français losing sleep over it).

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In so many areas, if you are happy to have Astra Zeneca then there is little problem in getting a jab. There are something like 25million doses in stock.

Yes - not desperately serious though.

75 and above round here so mid April ish for us. At 56 you would only get it now if you have comorbidity.

I took my passport and house deeds (French version of), but only showed my passport.
I had the pfhizer vaccine.

I’m confused. My wife and I both 71, with no particular health issues, have vaccine appointments Monday. Do we have to have an ordonnance from our GP or not?

They dropped the age limit to 70 and that comes into effect on Monday

“Les personnes de 70 ans et plus (à compter du 27 mars personnes de 70 ans et plus (à compter du 27 mars”

Where are you having them and how did you book? As this will give an indication

Hi, did you have to take a GP prescription with you or any other papers to evidence what your health circumstances were to meet the criteria?

It is a bit inconsistent. If you meet the basic age criteria then no. However if your eligibility is based on a comorbidity, or your profession then some places will require evidence of this.

No, I didn’t have to show anything. I don’t have a doctor here yet as I’m waiting for my residency. They didn’t seem particularly worried about any confirmation.

wow, sounds like a fortunate situation you found yourself in
Most other people I know, including out 72 yr old neighbours are yet to be done in our area…and no online appointments available to take regardless of your age. would be nice to think the Fr government could roll it out in a more even, fair manner

I think you were just at the right place at the right time and managed to wing it/jump the queue :wink:

For people in the currently correct categories, there seem to be a lot of appointments available in Manche departement but apart from the ones done by GPs/Pharmacies you have to travel a bit (30 km-ish from where I am). This is unusual for Manche as it’s normally more difficult getting e.g. flu jabs here in my experience :thinking:

Someone very kindly put a link on here recently about information to show if you are refused the vaccine because you do not have a Carte Vitale. I can’t find the link now - please would it be possible to repost it? Thank you…

I think there is a ‘code postal’ or ‘departmental’ lottery. We live in a department with an old population so there is great demand and there are currently no appointments available even for those who meet the current age criteria.

This is an extract from a Libé check-news article

“Pas besoin de présenter de carte vitale

Alors qu’une )demande de venir avec «une pièce d’identité et votre carte vitale pour pouvoir donner votre numéro de sécurité sociale» lors de la vaccination, la DGS corrige : «A compter du 28 janvier 2021, un étranger pourra se faire vacciner en centre de vaccination même s’il ne dispose pas d’une carte vitale. En effet, à compter de cette date, le système d’information Vaccin Covid-19 sera à même d’assurer la traçabilité de la vaccination des étrangers dépourvus de carte vitale». Ce même principe permettra aux personnes en grande précarité, comme les sans-abri, quelle que soit leur nationalité, de pouvoir se faire vacciner.

Here is a link the the ministry of health site which confirms every resident can be vaccinated whether or not they have a card. (Under what documents do I need).