COVID vaccination

I was very surprised about my departement to be honest. There seemed to be nothing but then yesterday, bingo!
(Unfortunately, I am a few months too young yet :crossed_fingers: )

Presumably better to show information in french if you are refused a vaccine tho’. Ministry of Health is a touch more authoritative than the Connexion when trying to persuade someone to vaccinate you.

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Many thanks for your excellent help!

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I am 70 and my partner 75 - no luck getting an appointment on Dr Lib yet here in Brittany.

Which department in Brittany are you Tim? I’ve just looked and found quite a few slots in a couple of weeks time, but that doesn’t include doctors’ surgeries, only the big centres so would access be a problem for you?

Tim, if it’s near to you there are a lot of appointments available for the over 70’s in Pontivy via the site.

It does seem that most of the Brittany slots are available via Keldoc but it you use the map well down this page and click on somewhere vaguely near you, you get a more detailed map with all the centres on it…

Thanks Angela - looks like we will have to travel though that is not a problem.

Thanks Joyce for the info. We willhave to travel I suspect though not a problem. we are in Finistère near Morlaix.

There seem to be lots actually at Morlaix - can you see this page ok? I pre-filled in Morlaix and there are appointments there next week!

Angela you are a star! It seems that appointments have recently become available. Partner and I now have two jabs each booked - first one in 10 days. Yippee - thanks to everyone for help.


Oh well done Tim :clap: so pleased :smiley:

For general information, I think the two main things about using the excellent 💉 Vite Ma Dose de Vaccin ! Comment trouver un rendez-vous de vaccination rapidement ? - CovidTracker site are -

  1. Scroll down to the map and clickon that to get a list of sites within range of you and

  2. Ignore the fact that it frequently says that there is nothing available - click on it anyway to check…