Covid winter 2022 + new vaccine - France update

Had mine (4th) yesterday, plus 'flu. Now feeling slightly under the weather and a distinctly sore arm.

How effective it will be remains to be seen, Omicron is good at evading immunity - this jab was the Moderna one, now called Spikevax; I’m actually not sure if it was the bivalent one despite the NHS trumpeting that it would be used - the NHS app doesn’t mention the word “bivalent” so I guess not.

Just be assured its world beating! :wink:

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Or something. Though that was mainly a Johnson sound bite - I haven’t heard Truss** come out with it yet.

** an actual truss would be better at being PM, at least that has a use.

Yes it contains rather than speaks bollix

France: 7th Oct 16h23

@lebeuil1 this thread talks about France and the covid jabs…

Basically… the 8th wave need not be horrific… if folk go and get their Covid 2,3,4 vaccines…
seems too many are way behind… and those with 4 already are urged to get their 5th.
The Omicron variant is mutating, but not so dangerous, the original Covid is still the main threat.

out today… another way of saying it… 8th wave could have a moderate impact… if… the majority of us get vaccinated against covid itself…

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Hi I understand the UK has the ‘bivalent’ is that the word ? Covid _ omicron for over 75’s, and there’s been 4 jabs so far for France?

We’ve had the first two jabs in France then the top-up in the UK exactly 6 months after the France one’s in December 2021.

Can / should we take advantage of the bivalent one in France and how - go to a pharmacy? Don’t have a MT at the mo coz move around france and also backed up with GP’s in UK.

I’ll give my (UK) surgery a ring to check also their thoughts.

Have to say, with the three vaccinations so far If we’ve had it then we don’t know it - no obvious ‘bouts’ - and when feeling a bit shit or coughs etc have done lateral flow tests - none positive. And thats with travelling around, pubs, etc though of course in France outside.

One last thing - Madame thinks she may have had a reaction to the December jab, she had severe pain in her hand - then went away, just before she saw a neurlologist! (who mentioned maybe it could be a reaction…)

Hi @larkswood12

If you’ve read this thread… you will know that most folk are being encouraged to get their full 5 covid jabs… asap
there is great supply of this vaccine which protects against the “nastier/deadlier” covid…

the new jab contra the mutations “milder omicron” are in a somewhat limited supply at the moment… being kept for those in chronic health etc…

More of the omoicron-variant jab will be available for general public in a couple of months or so…

Do you have a carte vitale??? Is your health chronic…???
EDIT when was your last covid jab or covid infection??

sorry just jumped in with my question! Have now read through - we had our last phizer jab December 2021 - UK didn’t seem to do a 4th Jab, so perhaps the question is now do we (I) wait for bivalent or get another phizer now… having gone through the whole 2 years ‘untouched’.

Yes have CV, just lodged this years S1’s. Health fortunately chronically good so far, madames maybe less.

Thanks for your thread / response - I’ll see if the UK doc has any comments.

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The UK is rolling out a 4th vaccination right now, to over 65s and vulnerable individuals.

At this stage I’d suggest taking any legitimate vaccine you are offered for Covid. Even the old unmodified vaccine reduced length of illness and severity of symptoms, and raised antibodies that neutralised virus spike binding to cellular receptor. You may still catch the virus afterward, but stand a much greater chance of coming through un-harmed.

When I can, I shall be getting my next booster.


France is wanting folk to get up to date with the main anti Covid jab… and you seem to be out of date for that one…
Advice here in France would be to have that Covid jab now… to give you major cover and then the omicron-variant one some time later…

As they are saying… Omicron is 8 times less dangerous and 8 times more transmissable…
but Covid is the Killer in more cases…

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Depending on your age/vulnerability it’s the 5th vaccine for some. My Mum is over 75 so has had the first 2 jabs followed by 3 boosters. She had her 5th and my 4th (I’m eligible for my 4th already as I’m considered vulnerable) about 3 weeks ago. We were told it protects against the original virus and the Omicron variant and it’s called Spikevax.
The only side effect for both of us was a sore arm for a few days.
Very happy to have had it.
Izzy x


FWIW Spikevax is the trade name for the Moderna vaccine. :slight_smile:


It is. I’ve now had 2 Astrazenica and 2 Moderna.
Izzy x

i have been invited for the Flue jab by CPAM and my local pharmacist is happy to give me both Flue and Covid 7 November You cannot beat the French health system


It clearly didnt, millions caught covid, it lowered symptoms and incapacity time for some. Sorry to be pedantic.

It provided protection from harm for a significant number who might have either died or been left with life-changing damage from infection. It didn’t prevent infection.


Just in case the Message is unclear:

France is suggesting/urging that folk get their covid jabs up to date… so that they have the maximum protection available according to their health situation… before Winter sets in…

Speak with Pharmacist/Doctor to organize…

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