CPAM and private health insurance while waiting

Just a question (that I think I know the answer to, already…):
I just wonder if anyone who is a US expat has had to sign up for private health insurance, while waiting for their CPAM documents to be submitted.

My husband is registered in France as an auto-entrepreneur and has his carte vitale. I’m not allowed to be added to this; I think it used to be allowed years ago, but now a spouse is not allowed to do so.

So, I’ve been applying for a carte vitale on my own. I’m in process, just had a meeting with CPAM. Now I just need one document that must be sent from the US and will take about 3 weeks to receive (the birth certificate with apostille, which, by the way, one can order via according to the Bordeaux branch of the US embassy).

In the meantime, my current health insurance for France, expires.

So, I guess this means that I need to sign up for international (non-US) health insurance, in addition to the comprehensive health insurance policy I must maintain in the US. So, I’ll be paying about $240 per month more for this. It looks like the contract is for a year. I’m rather hoping that I won’t have to pay for private health insurance for the remainder of the year after I’ve received the carte vitale…

I do have to have private health insurance in France in addition to the US health insurance; and I have always had this… But Fabian Pelissier indicated that I can’t renew the current Shengen health insurance after it expires (today), which I’d had for my first year here … That cost all of 450 euros for the entire year.

If anyone has a suggestion, great. Otherwise, this topic is more of a comment about my own process as an American expat. Perhaps it’ll be useful to someone; perhaps someone could recommend an alternative to paying the additional money and signing a year-long contract. I don’t hold out a lot of hope for the latter; just another price one pays for having such a wonderful opportunity to live in France and with a loving husband (who is teaching me Yorkshire English… yikes).