CPAM Offices and Tax Issues regarding E121/S1

This is not meant to alarm anyone, and should be read in the context that it is meant - I.E. A possible problem and why, as instructed you should keep copies of everything you send to government bodies (anywhere).

Apparently (I used this word advisedly) if you are a retired person in receipt of an E121 or S1 then you should have retained a copy of this when you gave over the original to the CPAM office, in order to obtain your Carte Vital. This meant that the CPAM office concerned would have stamped this and sent it back to the UK appropriate DWP office for your health treatment to be paid for by the UK.

Now, a situation has apparently evolved whereby some of the CPAM offices have not kept copies of that which they sent back to the UK. A copy of the E121 or S1 should be attached to your tax form (apparently) to prove your entitlement to health cover or else you will be charged 7.5% of your gross pension (you will be given 30 days to prove you have appropriate cover by supplying this copy). Now here the problem arises whereby if you do not have a copy the DWP do not provide copies, they do not keep copies of those documents sent back to them by CPAM but they know that they have received the appropriate forms because they are paying for your health cover.

I have copies, fortunately, to attach to my Tax Form but if you do not the answer I received from CPAM at Vannes was, it is up to you to keep copies of everything madam not us. To which I said that is your opinion and you are entitled to it but surely just by the fact that our health costs are covered by the UK proves that you stamped and registered the original E121/S1 surely. She replied yes I agree that this is logic, but you will still need a copy.

The very kind lady at Newcastle told me that this is a reciprocal agreement, that they should not be doing this and was extremely sorry that she could not assist. She advised me to contact the British Consulate in Paris and has given me the number.

Now while I agree that balancing the books is important and reciprocal agreements can sometimes become the victims of fraud by some scheming so and sos I just thought, that if this is correct that there will be a taxation placed on people in a very unfair manner and that we should all be aware of it because prior preparation and planning etc., etc.,.

I hope no-one takes offence at what is meant to be a helpful message, as they used to say errors and ommisions excepted.

This is a case of maladministration and the first port of call should be the website for the EU. There is a problem solving service. You tell them of your problem, they say how it should be handled and if you do not receive a satisfactory answer, then you will be asked to submit to SOLVIT and your case will be taken up by them and there is a ten week timetable to receive a reply from the french.

The Overseas Health Care team at the DOH may well be able to help as well.