Hi, are there any crafters out there. I love to craft, anything from Japanese Embroidery to Card Making. In September I'm starting Bobbin Lace classes.

I love to hear from anyone else and perhaps we could have a page to swop ideas/tips, etc. Do you know of good craft suppliers here in France?

Looking forward to hearing from any Crafty Survivers.

For anyone in the Bouniagues area there is an Arts and Crafts Fair on 12-13 June from 10h to 17h

Hi Miranda,

I’m not sure if I would class myself as one as I don’t get much time at the moment but I do sew when I can and like to be creative. I have a weakness for fabrics and trimmings. I used to knit - pre-kids :slight_smile: - but I’m not very quick so have really given up on that. However, I am thinking of taking up crochet - I haven’t done this since I was a child with my grandmother so I will have to start from scratch. Also I’ve recently been dabbling in paint effects too.

Regarding supplies, I must admit I am a bit of a horder where this is concerned and usually stock up in the UK. I have umpteen boxes of fabric but often can 't find just the right one so have to buy more. While in Malta last year, hubby took the kids to the cinema and I had a lovely few hours visiting every haberdashery shop in Valetta. There were quite a few and each like an Alladins cave, floor to ceiling with goodies! It was like going back in time; I was like a kid in a sweet shop. Most of my hand luggage ended up full of lace, ribbons, buttons etc.

For everyday things, I go to the fabric warehouse on the outskirts of Miramont (don’t have the name to hand at the moment), and Mondial Tissus and Bagi Deco, both in Bergerac. Foire Fouille (sp?) also Bergerac has some good craft bits, mainly for scrapbooking and jewellery making. There are two or three little haberdashery shops in Villeneuve-sur-Lot too. Local markets and vide grenier’s can be good too. Otherwise it’s the internet or I ask my sister to post things out. I often buy clothes from the second-hand stall in our local market which I refashion. The latest was a fleecey top which became a liner for the cat basket.

Do you have anywhere you would recommend?

K x

Hi, will you be attending the classes or teaching them? If you’re the teacher, I’d love to have you on my site, there’s lots of other art and craft classes on there all over France.